@mathr @netzzz very glad that the tutorial was helpful! <3
will love to see the game once it's ready!

I started porting #tokamak (a card game invented by @netzzz that I implemented in #C but never polished for release) to #varvara emulated microcomputer.

learning the #uxntal assembly language and IO device APIs went fine thanks to the fine tutorial of @compudanzas

will see if there is enough space to implement the computer player, currently the ROM is already almost 4kB and it is still far from playable.

meanwhile I have noticed some typos lead to incomprehensible errors e.g. mistyping `&,label` instead of `,&label`

tokamak.mathr.co.uk/ (online-playable version not available at the moment, try again mid-December)


@ojack thank you! <3 hope you enjoy it all!
would love to see what you create with uxn 馃榿

wrote a new rambling newsletter / blog post about ephemerality, degrading networks, scuttlebutt, the fediverse and arweave, including a quote from @bhaugen

Canal Swans #14 - Degrading Fabric, Degrading Networks


@notplants love it! will ponder about degradation now <3

> It felt insane and wasteful to put any piece of biomatter into the trash, even the smallest leaf, and not into the compost where the hungry microbes could eat it

started a compost due to a similar feeling, and now i agree completely with the sensation

#DataSovereignty and Alternative Development Models - Can alternative development models disrupt the asymmetric data economy in #LatinAmerica and build a data commons culture? How can data stewardship initiatives made by local communities help ideate such models? botpopuli.net/data-sovereignty

added the awesome-uxn link to the tutorial main page

a lot of very interesting things have been created already! <3

awesome-uxn: github.com/hundredrabbits/awes
uxn tutorial - external resources: compudanzas.net/uxn_tutorial.h

switching gears for the evening because I'm not feeling great, but uxn sure is doing its best to cheer me up. <3

traducci贸n a es-mx 

nuestra propuesta para desarrollar la qiudanz technique como una micro-residencia en fall phase fue aceptada! 馃コ

la idea es desarrollar esta propuesta de t茅cnica de movimiento basada en la transformaci贸n computacional de secuencias construidas con un vocabulario reducido.

esto como parte de un compromiso por preservar ciencias computacionales m谩s all谩 de los electr贸nico y la civilizaci贸n industrial, como una forma potencial de involucrarse con la complejidad emergente del universo.

seguiremos publicando al respecto cuando tengamos m谩s noticias y avances!

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our proposal for developing the qiudanz technique in a micro-residency in the Fall phase got accepted! 馃コ

the project consists in a proposal for a movement practice based on the computational transformation of sequences within a constrained vocabulary.

it is part of a commitment to preserve computer science beyond electronics and industrial civilization, as a potential way of knowing and understanding emergent complexity in the universe.

we'll keep you all updated!


Officially having too much fun now.

I started out wanting to use plan9 as my "occult research OS", but my previous efforts have very much been implementations of systems in occultism. This is where I'm actually starting to do experiments and I'm quite excited about it.

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@alcinnz sounds great indeed! will watch later, thanks for sharing :)

Glad to see you boosted my toot @neauoire ! I read about Permacomputing and Frugal computing on your wiki. Been following links to similar stuff since then, that's how I ended up following @sejo and @maleza (and also because of Gemini).

Cybercirujas (Cyber-surgeons), in broad terms, is a recently created community dedicated to rescue old hardware, repair them for free and recirculate them to those in need. It started in Argentina, so most of the repairs are around hardware sold there. I made a post in the forum talking about Permacomputing and similar projects (100r too), because I think the ideas complement each other very well. I also shared a spanish translation of @viznut notes on it, made by ~peron. BTW, we need a translation for the new notes 馃榿 (I'm up for it).

It's mostly in spanish, but you can checkout the Peertube: peertube.cybercirujas.club/vid

Hoy no tengo temas para #martesdemaquineo , pero puedo decir que bastante me ha hecho maquinear el c贸digo HTML/CSS.

Reci茅n actualic茅 mi p谩gina de texto-plano. Estan bienvenides a visitarla. Encuentran el enlace en mi bio.

Today I don't have stuff for #martesdemaquineo, but I can say html/CSS code made me think a lot.

I just updated my texto-plano webpage. Y'all welcome to visit it. Find the link in my bio.

Translation in english coming soon.

Hoje eu n茫o tenho temas para #martesdemaquineo, mas posso dizer que o c贸digo HTML/CSS me fez pensar muito.

Acabei de atualizar minha p谩gina de texto-plano. S茫o todes bem-vindes para visitar. Encontre o link na minha biografia.

Em breve ter谩 uma tradu莽茫o em portugu锚s.

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