Glad to see you boosted my toot @neauoire ! I read about Permacomputing and Frugal computing on your wiki. Been following links to similar stuff since then, that's how I ended up following @sejo and @maleza (and also because of Gemini).

Cybercirujas (Cyber-surgeons), in broad terms, is a recently created community dedicated to rescue old hardware, repair them for free and recirculate them to those in need. It started in Argentina, so most of the repairs are around hardware sold there. I made a post in the forum talking about Permacomputing and similar projects (100r too), because I think the ideas complement each other very well. I also shared a spanish translation of @viznut notes on it, made by ~peron. BTW, we need a translation for the new notes 😁 (I'm up for it).

It's mostly in spanish, but you can checkout the Peertube:

Hoy no tengo temas para #martesdemaquineo , pero puedo decir que bastante me ha hecho maquinear el código HTML/CSS.

Recién actualicé mi página de texto-plano. Estan bienvenides a visitarla. Encuentran el enlace en mi bio.

Today I don't have stuff for #martesdemaquineo, but I can say html/CSS code made me think a lot.

I just updated my texto-plano webpage. Y'all welcome to visit it. Find the link in my bio.

Translation in english coming soon.

Hoje eu não tenho temas para #martesdemaquineo, mas posso dizer que o código HTML/CSS me fez pensar muito.

Acabei de atualizar minha página de texto-plano. São todes bem-vindes para visitar. Encontre o link na minha biografia.

Em breve terá uma tradução em português.

tutorial day 7, more devices (and the last day) is now online!

here we talk about the devices in the computer that we haven't covered yet: audio, file, and datetime.

this should be a light and calm end of our journey, as it has to do less with programming logic and more with the input and output conventions in these devices.


"Someone is going to wire up their Super Nintendo to a solar panel array, and folks from all walks of life are going to come over to play Street Fighter, or just to watch. We’re all going to grow most of our own food, and we’re all going to deal with our own trash, wash our own dishes."

How many people are actually willing to build something new, to take a risk and place their soul in a promise? Things can go wrong, but what if they go right? It's much easier to focus on the negative, but the use of that habit is limited at the best of times. A cynic sees the price of everything but the value of nothing.

The world can be such a cold and dark place, be different and bear the flame of Hope—never conceal it, even if it's only a smoking ember. Practice patience, empathy, joy. Have faith in the future and other people, and turn that faith into action. I promise you this approach yields more fruit than any other.


[lang=en] hi! compudanzas is a research project exploring alternative modes of learning and creating computation.

we attempt to transition from a logic of productivity and efficiency, and circuits that destroy life, to dances, rituals, and other types of seemingly useless computers!

we move calmly, patiently, and with curiosity :)

thanks for hosting us, sunbeam city! :ecoanarchism_heart:

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[lang=es-mx] ¡hola! compudanzas es un proyecto creativo de investigación que explora formas alternativas de aprender y hacer cómputo.

tratamos de transicionar desde una lógica de productividad y eficiencia, y circuitos que destruyen vida, hacia danzas, rituales, y otros tipos de computadoras aparentemente inútiles.

nos movemos con calma, paciencia y curiosidad :)

¡gracias por hospedarnos, sunbeam city! :ecoanarchism_heart:

Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.