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sad dog 

Had to start packing for a climbing-training campout this weekend. Makes the doggo all sad and clingy. She's now following me everywhere and laying her head on me and I don't think in my whole life anyone has ever cared so much whether I was around or not.

Morning walk 6:50-7:30 AM

Fill a bag with crabapples from the tree lawn of our old neighborhood, dog chases a cicada, I find a dew-damp pair of jeans from a free pile (brush the pillbug off, they might fit). Newspaper delivery person stops to feed our dog cookies as she wiggles with delight. A house blares Smells Like Teen Spirit as painters set up to paint. Gather tiny apples dropped from a tree in the city permaculture park.

Someone laughs so loud I think there's a chicken loose.

This day. Too long, too weary, too distracted by dismal politics.

So we introduced the rescue dog to the idea of a ball. She’s seen dogs at the beach chase, retrieve, do tricks.

After four years living in a yard, she’s got no idea. She bounces as the ball bounces, then throws herself on top of it. She’s keen, and hopelessly unskilled. By the end we were all weeping with laughter.

After we gave up, the cat slid in, stole the ball and chased it around expertly, pointedly.


beverage (trace alcohol) 

I know kombucha gets a frou-frou rap (ahem @nein09 ) but the fact that I am drinking something this delicious made entirely by microorganisms with the barest, cheapest input from me (a cup of sugar, a few tea bags, several gallons of tap water) blows my mind.

I added a few buds of lavender flowers (thanks @SereneTabbie !) to each bottle and it's utterly lovely.

Got some champagne yeast this week to step up my home (non-alcoholic) fermentation microbiology game!

I have a tree frog living by the front door. Every day I have dozens of wasps visiting the pan of water I leave for them, and one of the yellow jackets keeps foraging for breakfast in my kitchen every morning. I'm like the Mary Poppins of weird little things. Or Snow White. Whatever.

This composting toilet project in Haiti is so awesome.

It's a model to consider as we move towards a water-scarce future. I'm so inspired by them :_earth:

food, insect 

As part of an experiment at a local university I'm growing test plants of the Physalis genus in my garden.

They are like tiny tomatillos. I've now got quite a few pods but no ripe fruit yet. This morning I grabbed one I thought was ripe and bit into it, just pushing back the pod cover.

I didn't think they were supposed to be spicy! My tongue on fire, I dropped the pod and out popped an earwig.

I don't think earwigs bite but somebody bit my tongue in the garden.

It was raining on our morning walk, at times coming down hard, but I took a few pictures of some of the food plants growing on city property, available for any to eat.

So a week ago I told y’all I was making a #shirt—well, it arrived! If you, too, reject societal #masculinity norms maybe you’d like one too? If so, you can get one at Let me know if you do and send a picture if you’re comfortable and let me know if I can boost it! #selfie

Some views of my neighborhood from the morning dogwalk. I love how food is planted everywhere - fruit trees are all along the roads, and flowers for pollinators crowd the sidewalks. In most places the gardeners are still good about keeping the actual walkways clear because we have many pedestrians, wheelchair users and kids in strollers who require the full width.

My partner showed me the graph for our solar panels - output is good, but we've been buying more power from the grid than any previous summer. Some of that is obvious - we now have a 16 year old and a dog, we keep the house cooler, do more laundry and use more technology than ever before.

It's time to step back, re-examine our choices and try not to throw blame at one another. The question always boils down to: how are we willing to be a bit less comfortable?

I love how queerness on mastodon is such a non-issue that I totally spaced that in my introduction.

But yeah, also married to my sweetie for now it's going to be 6 years next month.

And my kid's pretty queer too.

The gay agenda is alive and well in our household. :_gayheart2:

Hello! I hope it's ok if I move to town! I've needed an alternate/backup for (my beloved home instance) especially for those glitchy days.

I'm drawn to the solarpunk optimism. I live in a small urban-eco-community in the NE US with 3 other households, I'm a compost educator, plant scientist, new rock climbing instructor, mom of a teen. I ride my bike to work most days and forage and garden. That sounds way cooler than I really am.

Sunbeam City 🌻

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