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Reminder for US folks:

Monday (tomorrow) is the deadline to comment on the proposed new immigration rule that would require all applicants to prove they wouldn't require public services/assistance.

Even if all you have time for is just to tell them you oppose this, I think they really need to hear it. I hope they are deluged by opposition.

for more plain language info:

@cathal but also everyone else... let me know if you know anyone who's got a team of non-annelid bugs doing their composting, im very interested.
no body farms please & sorry

poo (dog) 

Our city dog park composts the dog poo. It's not a perfect system - took some time before people stopped putting plastic bags in the collection bins, but it mostly seems to be working now. And since there are pooper scoopers everywhere, there's a lot less un-picked-up poo laying around.

@xyzzy honestly, she's so much more informed than I am, she deserves it more than I do.

@eldang not against necessarily. but we have one race where she really likes the independent. I probably wouldn't have gone for him but I think he'd be better than the incumbent. he's very young and probably more progressive than any other candidate. listening to her tell me about him is what made me decide to offer her my vote. honestly 17 year olds should be free to vote, it's just stupid that kids can drive but not vote.

My kiddo is 17 and has been closely studying all the local political races for a class in school. She's into it, she's paying attention.

I told her that since she won't be 18 in time to vote this year, I would give her my votes - she could pick out who she wants to vote for and I'll mark the ballot accordingly.

@cscottmills Oh wow, that's fascinating - I honestly failed to consider the alcohol aspect, since mine really does not make much alcohol at all. Especially once I've mixed it with fruit juice, I can't imagine it exceeds any level. How did you find out how much alcohol was in yours?

@cscottmills Thanks! How did you figure out all the regulations when you began?

@cscottmills I don't even know enough to have specific questions, but would happily read anything you'd be willing to share. do you have resources you recommend?

Leccinum as laxative? Literal 💩 

@mcmoots :oh_no: careful, you - we like having you around and functional

@cscottmills Sounds lovely! A friend and I were just wondering yesterday about what it would take for us to be able to sell kombucha at a local annual small festival. (Lots of kids with lemonade stands and cookies, some adults with fancier treats. This is a kombucha crowd and both of us make it.) But I think it was one of those "this would be awesome!" ideas that will not really come to fruition. It's cool that you actually do it! (And on a much bigger scale.)

@cscottmills I love foraging apples from forgotten trees. what do you plan to do with your haul?

Had my first Mastodon dream.

Was at an unremarkable yard sale but among the bric a brac there were a few references to Mastodon, which was super weird.

It turned out to be a fake yard sale, thrown by plant-based aliens who were taking over Earth (for the better, obv), so they could find the humans who got Mastodon. Since we were the few who would be welcoming to the new sentient plant-based dominant life-forms and understand what they were about. :_earth:

In a neighbor's driveway: a recumbent tandem bike with a homemade rack overhead for a kayak and paddles.

@bedap @mlg One thing that's really fun about country composting, as long as you're not somewhere you may be attracting bears, is that you can really experiment with what goes in. I found I could break down ice cream containers so that just the invisible plastic liner is left. Paper cups, same. As long as you're willing to fish out whatever doesn't break down, you can always try it and see. Sometimes the animals will pull out paper and stuff and you have to tidy it up, but really, it's cool.

@bedap @mlg The favorite style from our county Master Composters is a cylinder of wire mesh, much like @mlg described but without even supporting posts - if the wire is heavy enough grade it stands alone. The one drawback is that it is so big it's very difficult to move when complete (like once your compost is ready, how do you get at it? With this style, I end up having to climb inside it and shovel it out while standing in it.

The no animal products thing is only about attracting pests.

meds / insurance / nickle & dimeing 

@polymerwitch oof, that's a lot of work and needless running around. (my kiddo has two and I think I'm at the pharmacy all the time - I see I have it easy!)

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