poo (dog) 

Our city dog park composts the dog poo. It's not a perfect system - took some time before people stopped putting plastic bags in the collection bins, but it mostly seems to be working now. And since there are pooper scoopers everywhere, there's a lot less un-picked-up poo laying around.

Went to an audioplay last night in a local park. You check in, get a loaner ipod, and walk around. The story wove between the history of the park (pointing out where trolley lines used to be, buildings now gone) a mystery based off the silent movie industry that thrived here, and the vote for women's suffrage (touching on the racial inequalities of that movement.)

At one point we were directed to this graffiti - pondering the word "Speak!" How voices then as now have resisted being silenced.

In the post-car world we'll be rock climbing the road cuts...

Went climbing yesterday on an island in a canal - the canal was the highway of its day. The island sits at the junction of the canal with a river. A 40 foot drop is crossed via lift lock. Also powers a small hydroelectric dam. Rock climbers now claim the cliffs and the routes are named for the graffiti that once covered them.

This is from "Jeff loves Eileen" - an easy fun climb.

I wonder if he still does.

evening graffiti

(image description: a city sidewalk spraypainted with the words "not in it for the money")

It was raining on our morning walk, at times coming down hard, but I took a few pictures of some of the food plants growing on city property, available for any to eat.

Some views of my neighborhood from the morning dogwalk. I love how food is planted everywhere - fruit trees are all along the roads, and flowers for pollinators crowd the sidewalks. In most places the gardeners are still good about keeping the actual walkways clear because we have many pedestrians, wheelchair users and kids in strollers who require the full width.

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