The most solarpunk place I've ever been to was a co-op in Togo, West Africa. The composition of the soil there is so mineral-rich that overfarming yielded swaths of land as inpenetrable as asphalt.

A couple of Togolese PhDs in engineering were able to buy ruined land super-cheap and using compost and hand labor were reclaiming the soil. They'd invented remarkable composting latrines and engineered buildings to stay cool and breezy. The whole place was beautiful, a beacon of ingenuity and hope.

@hummingrain It really was. I wanted to stay there with them forever. I tried to see if I could find them online, to link to but I couldn't. I'm guessing they just didn't do the whole internet thing. Their model was hyper-local and it was working for them. But I think about what they created a lot.

@compostablespork so why don't we get together and create it somewhere else too? what is stopping us.. and I mean this seriously as a question, what are the real-life obstacles that we need to overcome in order to make it

@chebra I love this! I had not heard of it - now I'm fascinated! Thank you! Have you been to one of their sites?

@compostablespork I think the Project Kamp is not finished yet, that's something new. But I visited one random plastic recycling workshop in India thanks to the precious plastics map.

@chebra I'm in! Also I'm shy. But I am co-teaching a women's rock climbing class this fall and I'm psyched to have it be a body pos super empowering space!

@chebra Oh oops, sorry I thought you were replying to the hikers post!

I think one of the things that facilitated the formation of that coop in Togo was the availbility of land that is deemed "ruined" to the point of being nearly worthless on the market. Does such exist in industrialized countries that isn't contaminated? Might such contaminated land also be reclaimed in ways that allow for safe food production? That might be a key innovation.

@compostablespork interesting thought... the good part is we can redefine "worthless" by aiming for different kind of "worth" than the other buyers on the market. The land might be worthless for building a family house, or for industrialised agriculture farm, but a small self-sustainable solarpunk community is not trying to make profit, so it might still work. I wish there were reliable online registries of land for sale. At least in my country most sales never appear in them

@bhaugen I coldn't find anything when I looked. They maybe aren't online - which is possible - or my French isn't good enough to generate the right search terms.

@bhaugen That is really cool! The place I visted wasn't in Lome but this definitely has the same spirit - perhaps they are connected?

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