I didn't suspect I would love stand-up paddleboarding. I thought it was trendy kayaking with more back pain and higher likelihood of full-body immersion.

I hadn't anticipated loving the way the waves roll up through my body, the tiny back and forths needed to stay balanced, the awe at standing on the surface of the lake.

I don't know how solarpunk that is, but it reminds me of gondoliers as a people-powered adaptation to city flooding - as we look towards a wetter future. Cargo-SUPs?

@compostablespork Oh, cool! I have been thinking of trying stand-up paddleboarding. It would be less of a hassle to get a paddleboard down to the beach than to deal with a boat.

Thanks for your description of this.

@skiring Yes! Our little class was about 8 of us total newbies and one guy kept saying, "I wish I'd hated this, now I'm trying to figure out how to get one." Ease of transport seems a huge plus! Our boards and gear were stacked inside a trailer with hand-built wooden shelves - there were about 10 boards and paddles in there, it was super compact. I was able to life mine easily (I can also carry some solo kayaks, but this was much easier to manuever.)

@compostablespork How long was your class? And how long was it before you were competent enough to move about on your own, without just falling in all the time?

@skiring There were 8 of us in the group - all of them about super fit 20 year olds and me. The kids were all instantly on their feet, so I was like, "Ok we're doing this!" And none of us (even me) fell in until we got brave enough to goof around. By the end one of the women was doing headstands on her board! The rest of us were...not. But we were playing with stance and getting comfortable. No one fell in even doing the first big 180 in the wind. We were probably out there a couple hours.

@compostablespork i had pretty much the same thought about SUP, but it's such a surreal and wonderful feeling that i can't help but be delighted by it! my only SUP experience was in the ocean, and it's this weird hybrid between surfing and kayaking; you can catch waves and ride them, but you can also make a ton of progress moving around, or just sit down and take a break and let the current pull you somewhere.

@modgethanc The ocean would be a whole extra level of complexity! We had some windy patches on the lake but the boards were a lot more stable than any of us had imagined.

@compostablespork the large, flat bottom of a paddleboard really just crushes all those little ripples and variances in water surface; my favorite thing to do is just lift my gaze so i can't see my feet or the board, and look straight out and feel like i'm just floating! at some point, my sense of where my feet are just sort of fades, and i get the sensation that i am a head rooted straight through to the board, floating gently over the water :)

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