Cops open the hood of their car like this to block dash cams. This is a signal to start filming.

@commiequeer @Dayglochainsaw I mean, I know why, but why the fuck is this not grounds for firing an officer?







@commiequeer this photo was taken in my hometown, they started doing it a few years ago and their excuse was they they had to pop the hoods to let all the "extra electronics and hardware" they added to the cars cool during the *scorching hot* summers of fucking southern VA which is... the biggest pile of shit possible

@yardgnome @commiequeer

ugh they fucking would virginia cops are such bastards

i know i know acab but, fuck cops in the south.

@commiequeer So I love this photo and the other photo because it was a day long investigation, and the two photos are the only ones that have ever been produced of the practice.

But the real lesson here is to always film cops anyway regardless of circumstance.

They did this long before we had cameras in our cell phones and before the prevalence of dash cams...

@commiequeer what if every time they do that people would just keep approaching and asking if they need help starting the car? :owosneakythink:

@commiequeer Good, finally something our cops haven't caught up to just yet. Might give me the edge.

@commiequeer <strikethrough>if they raise their hood</strikethrough>
they're up to no good

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