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in which a doctor eats an apple everyday to astral project

today on Adventures In Linux: learning how to decompress a file from the command line

Another panel, the coronation.
Screenshots: #b3d (Eevee+Greasepencil) and #krita (paint-over).

introducing KNIFE KIRBY

it's like KIRBY

but with A KNIFE

Gardening and DIY are important not just because it gives people more independence and saves them money, but because it de-alienates them from their labor. There are few types of propaganda more potent than excitedly checking your peppers several times a day and thinking to yourself, "what if all work was this fulfilling"

I was looking to book a room at the library in town but they charge £45 for half a day's use lol

I don't really follow mainstream news so I don't know if this is talked about but indian comrades just managed to stage a mindbogglingly massive strike yesterday (more strikers than there are workers in the US).

Support to everyone involved, you are awesome :blobheartcat:

How do we encourage and promote the use of Esperanto on Sunbeam City?

breath of the wild: in our game, you gotta work for your money. try hunting game and selling dishes!

me: sounds fun

botw: and all our animals are rendered with groundbreaking cuteness technology. now shoot this fox's head off

me: wtf

btw there will soon be a proposal to set up a temporary scuttlebutt pub at, details are being ironed out

You know, I've actually solved politics and philosophy years ago and if everyone were just as rational as me they'd see it's all obvious. I call my philosophy "correctism" and I'm pretty sure my ideas are so original and unique that even though I find them completely obvious, nobody else has ever thought of them or given them a name before me.

Whoever came up with the idea that people tell the truth when they drink has obviously never met me when it's 5am and I'm passionately trying to convince some guy that Sting bought a castle in Ireland but it doesn't have indoor plumbing so he has to shit in the moat

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