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oh just getting some medication at the store dont mind me

the 100k status was the friends we made along the way

@cocoron in the spirit of sunbeam: we'll all share it :)

Who got the 100000th status? I don't know!

Thanks for playing!

all hug-off, meet at Sunflare Terrace at 6oclock. it's right off Oscar Wilde Road and Marx Avenue

how do i check the ID of a status please help before the whole instance shouts at me just broke 1k users and we're approaching 100k toots 🎉 🌻

Thank you to all our new Patreon subscribers for your support!

$19 of $25 per month

"When I reach $25 per month, I will break even on the costs of running the Mastodon server."

$6 dollars away from reaching the first goal!

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Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a solarpunk instance.