He who refuses to submit is at once labelled "queer," "different," and decried as a disturbing element in the comfortable stagnancy of modern life.
-- Emma Goldman

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I can't wait to have a pension (lmao) and just chill as a nice granny all day. Read by the open fire and bake cookies and nap.

honkgry is what u call it when a quackquack wants to eat a breb :3

Becoming a priestess of Áine, goddess of midsummer, abundance, sovereignty, and radiance

@puffinus_puffinus I'd certainly say so, but I actually find the default mobile web page better than the apps tbh.

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Me: *stays up late*
Me: *tired in the morning*
Me, literally every single goddamn time: :pika:

@puffinus_puffinus "You can boot the operating systems from hard disk, floppy, CD/DVD or from USB"

The fact that memes are constantly produced without financial incentive serves to refute the revisionist myth that innovation only happens became of capitalism

Tried to install BunsenLabs Linux on my Windows 10 laptop but I only have an SD card, and I guess the laptop can't boot from the slot

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