I think it's time we split off and federated with a second Mastodon instance

The burden of emotional labour from handling SBC as a co-op is becoming too much for me and a lot of that is coming from moderating Mastodon. I've been trying to transition power/responsibility away from myself with some moderate success but I think the best way to do this might be to set up a new self-managed community that can share and replicate services with us. SBC was never planned to be a monolith anyway.

@cocoron for what it's worth I don't really interact with federated line. I'm still just trying to interact with the people on this one. I'm thankful to have such a positive space free of the negativity I see on birdsite etc.

@cocoron Would you like me to start looking into this? I've been thinking for a while that it could be fun to set something up and a lunarpunk sister instance would be cool.

@puffinus_puffinus I mean it's a free association of libertarian socialists here, a chara, you're allowed to come up with ideas and suggest them to others if if you want

@cocoron Yeah I get that, I just thought perhaps you had plans. Though we're official a coop, I'm aware a lot still rests on you and as such I don't want to mess up plans.

@cocoron The only way a split is beneficial is if Sunbeam City, or it makes more mods materialise. So do you think reducing the sunbeam users will help?

@puffinus_puffinus More mods won't help. The fact is that most people see that the buck stops with me, and believe that I am personally responsible for all of the policies and decisions made by other Admin AS members. Rather than having a growing list of AS members and more services and more work we should be setting up a federation of independent communities who are responsible only to themselves and can share the load.

@cocoron I'd agree with that. But it won't alleviate the current issues, if you're saying we are now at a point where SBC is getting too big.

@cocoron @puffinus_puffinus If you want to circle back to having that video chat we we're trying to plan a little while back, is now on month 2 of having our formal community ops teams, where we're rotating week-long shifts.

It's definitely reduced the stress load for me, who was occupying a similar role for our instance. Let me know if you wanna compare notes...

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