How do we actually going about living in an Anarchist society?

How do we deal with people who harm? How do we resolve disputes?

How do we fairly distinguish personal occupation from private property?

How do we distribute material goods and services?

How is labour organised?

How does an Anarchist community or confederacy deal with environmental destruction within itself? What about animals?

These are things I spend a lot of time thinking about

I believe we need to shift out focus from "the society" as we intend it now to the single communities. In this context shift, the question becomes a different one: what tools can we develop so each community can take care of those acting aggressively /polluting /not collaborating / etc.

There cannot be a single solution, because every single community has its own dynamics, but we can and must develop common ontologies so each community is empowered to solve their problems

@cocoron Dispute resolution needs to be handled sensibly & sensitively. Mediation and Collaborative methodologies would be preferable in most circumstances. It takes training to be able to guide the parties, and most of that is still, sadly, oriented around property and privilege.

@cocoron Wow this is a lot, for me reading this made me feel overwhelmed, and its the kind of thing that won't change what I do until at least years and years of organizing have gone by.

May I add more questions?

How do we welcome families? Single Parents?

How do we welcome children without their parents?

How do we welcome elderly people?

How do we welcome the working poor with horrible schedules?

How do we welcome those with disabilities and enable them to be an active part of the community?

Where should we meet, what kind of place and how often?

How do we provide childcare?

What kind of food/drinks do we share at meetups?

What holidays should we celebrate together? May Day?

How do we let people know that we fundamentally do not compromise on the equality of all human beings, and those who do are against us?

How do we manage collectively owned property?


@cocoron its not charity, its community building, so Im not trying to give all these people something, I just want to make it possible for them to give eachother a part of themselves, all under the same philosophical umbrella


I feel so lonely and isolated under capitalism. The planet is being poisoned and people are dying to uphold some barbarian hoard mentally to resource management. I feel obligated to be in problem solve productivity mode.

I want to free myself and people around me from this. So I think, just a suggestion, the strongest praxis in this hopeless concrete landscape we can do is empowering, hopeful, fun, social, and frankly not so stressful. I at least do not have thespoons to conquer these big questions, and I dont think im in the minority.

Maybe we need an in between to consolidate all this? The heavy and the light questions. Like an online community of people who want hope and guidance or are trying to build IRL anarchist communities.

Sharing art, Sharing safety concerns (I have so many, im trying to think of an in between step before I invite people in the door to compliment the SSB.)

I want to enjoy a lot of this so i dont burn out lol

@cocoron that's why I think communalism is the way to go. Community should be able to enforce things.

@cocoron same, rojava seems to be a good model/insp so far tho

@cocoron I think of anarchism as having an ‘administration’ as such. Not a state, just organisation between communities. Formed by randomly choosing a few people from each different profession/expertise to improve those things across communities. Like with healthcare, there’s hospitals that specialise in different things now, and it would be ineffective to just have access to one hospital per community. Communities can choose to implement the changes, but also to go elsewhere if they want

@cocoron I don’t know how big an administration could reasonably be though.
I think things like the environment/harm would mostly sort itself
There’d be less convenience/consumerism by default, so less industry. There’s enough buildings already
Lots of crime comes from poverty, which would be reduced. drug use, property damage, etc would no longer be crimes. The loneliness and anger at the root of more serious stuff is lessened by being raised by a community

@cocoron and distinguishing personal/private property would be case by case. So someone runs a bakery from their house? If they’re still supplying the community with bread, whether that be for time/money/trade, does it matter? If they take in an apprentice, they’re still providing the community with skills.
Tools that a carpenter uses, does it matter as long as they still provide services? I hate lending my tools, but I’ll teach you to use them and will work for free, so does that matter?

@cocoron These are the kinds of questions people ask me when I'm all like "capitalism sucks, let's do anarchy", but I never have good answers other than "I dunno but let's work it out". :/


Wonderful questions. Our comrade @emerican has you covered.

I'm just up to Part 4 now, myself. Really enjoying the series, and finding it educationally valuable.

Check it:

@2HourWorkday @emerican his videos are fine but they're a bit elementary, which is not really what I'm looking for

I'm going to develop my own answers to these questions

@cocoron @2HourWorkday The Conquest of Bread goes into much deeper detail, if you haven't read it already

@emerican @cocoron

Yeah. I think about reading it every time you make mention. It's just--you know--actually reading a book.

I'll build up the will to do it, because I have such good comrades to support.

Thank you for what you're doing.

@2HourWorkday @cocoron There are some really excellent explainer videos, as well as the Audible Anarchist audio version... Stand by and I'll throw up some links:

@emerican @cocoron I will definitely have an easier time with the auditory version. I'm very-much an auditory learner. Thanks, buddy!

@cocoron I'm pretty pessimistic that these questions have real, satisfying answers. I feel like at a certain point you have to choose between opposing the state/higherarchy and having a functional anticapitalist society that can last long-term.

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