How do we encourage and promote the use of Esperanto on Sunbeam City?

@cocoron Esperanto day? LIke once a week or something we try to only toot in Esperanto.

@squeakypancakes @cocoron oops, I repeated the same idea but slightly different and out of sync.

...One post per week where you just toot at least one thing in Esperanto. Normal stuff about the news, what you had for dinner, how you're feeling, the weather, your cat, etc. With replies in Esperanto preferred.

Just as someone who doesn't speak Esperanto; what do we get from learning this language; why should we prioritize learning Esperanto over more widely used languages?

@GreenandBlack @cocoron Esperanto is really easy to learn for native speakers of almost any language, and is not the product of violence or colonialism/imperialism.

My understanding is that Esperanto is pretty popular among anarchists.

Does this apply across the board or just to people that speak Indo-European languages? Because it seems heavily based on Romance and Germanic languages, with some Slavic influence.

@GreenandBlack @cocoron I've read that speakers of Asian languages find a lot of similarities in both sentence structure and vocabulary. I don't remember specifically though.

@GreenandBlack @cocoron also, it's important to remember that humans and their different languages are not alien to each other. They're all related and came from the same place, so it shouldn't be surprising to find similarities between any two languages.

@GreenandBlack @teslas_moustache @cocoron The vocabulary has a decidedly European bent, and that's a valid criticism of the language.

There have also been some studies that show that Esperanto learners have an easier time picking up a third language as a result of their study, so it's also useful in that sense.

@GreenandBlack @teslas_moustache @cocoron its easier to learn because its very regular and doesn't have all the exceptions of natural languages

@teslas_moustache @GreenandBlack @cocoron im not sure I agree its not a product of imperialism. I think any constructed language has an imperial bent to it. But im open to ideas otherwise

@rekh127 @GreenandBlack @cocoron yeah, I was sort of waiting for someone to say that. Everything's a product of imperialism if you squint while you look at it. Most of it still is if you don't.

@teslas_moustache @rekh127 @GreenandBlack i think if you read into the history of esperanto and why it was created, you'll perhaps warm up to it a bit

@cocoron @teslas_moustache @GreenandBlack im not hostile to it, im just trying to understand the assumptions. My basic opinion of it roughly matches what Bahai. Its a cool idea to try and combine everything in one new standard - but really what youre creating is another option, not a new universal. And I see unity in diversity more than in uniformity.

@rekh127 @GreenandBlack @cocoron my point is that no one AFAIK has been deliberately killed in the pursuit of spreading Esperanto language and culture to all corners of the globe. No language has been wiped out or banned in schools and replaced with Esperanto. 'Cause that's not the point. There's a reason it's called an 'auxiliary language'.

@GreenandBlack @cocoron
Its politically neutral and the easiest language to learn. Like some studies show it takes about 1/10th the time to learn as a national language does.

@rekh127 actually started as a bilingual insatce

@cocoron interesting. That adds a lot of context to your first message at least!

@cocoron IMO it would be helpful to non-Esperantists to encourage bilingual posting, although as a speaker of English and Romance languages I can comprehend about 80% unaided. (That's an advantage of Esperanto over Toki Pona.)
@cocoron Uzu ĝin? Oni interesiĝos se videblas ke ĝi utila estas kaj la uzantoj ĝuas paroladi pere de.

@acuteanniemay The whole question is on how do we encourage people to actually use it, so

@cocoron Boneta komenco estus ne respondi al esperanta afiŝo per la angla.

@acuteanniemay I don't speak Esperanto fluently enough to answer anymore and I won't use Google translate to do so

@cocoron skribi esperanto pli ofte
and add Esperanto resources to the home page?

@radikalgrafitio the second problem is that i couldnt possibly take on the extra load from writing everything in esperanto myself (anymore)

if someone wants to become, like, an esperanto ambassador for the co-op, i think that would be worth looking into

@cocoron mi intenci skribi per esperanto kaj angla, sed mi estas komencanto do mi ne povas

i mean to write things in english and esperanto, but i'm only a beginner so i cant

to get good i need to use it, but i'm not good enough to use it yet

@radikalgrafitio @cocoron Ni povus aldoni esperantan retpaĝon al wikio.

Mi ŝatus skribi pli en esperanto sed mi ne havas ideojn pri temoj

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