everybody wants a revolution but nobody wants to do the dishes

@cocoron can the revolution get a food co-op group involved to help solve this?

@cocoron there was one night I wanted to stay up as late as possible with the occupation. I was wandering around when I saw the kitchen was a mess, as people had been snacking for hours after dinner. There was an older man, who I'd recognized as a kitchen regular, doing the dishes. As I was cleaning, he was lamenting how few people were willing to just pick up some work in the kitchen and help with food an dishes, an undeniable essential. He expressed his fatigue. I replied with an idea I had been given by Thic Nat Hahn about meditative states while cleaning, and how improving your environment every day can be considered a step to enlightenment. I think about that every time I don't want to do the dishes.

@GwenfarsGarden @cocoron Someone still has to load the dishwasher,and unload the dishwasher. And people don't ever seem to load the dang thing correctly. Bowls need to be concave side _down_! They won't get clean otherwise!

@charlag @sanspoint @cocoron This is true. But from a chronic illness/disability perspective, loading and unloading uses a lot less energy than cleaning does.

@cocoron I used to hate washing dishes until I learned to make it enjoyable. I pick a podcast (a good one) and I only listen to that podcast while washing. That way, I associate washing dishes with listening to something I like

@cocoron Who does the dishes after the revolution?? Well i do my own dishes now, ill do my own dishes then


let's go ethiopian yall the dishes ARE food we can do this we can make it happen

@cocoron i think this is why i get along with people in so many places. i LIKE doing the dishes. :) doing dishes is meditative for me.

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