sfsfsfsfs;kl;lk i wrote a short essay thing as a response to an article that criticised intersectionality in anarchism

it's probably full of typos and not very good as i haven't proof-read it yet and im tired as shit but i really wanted to write it because i feel like the subjects discussed are very important to me!!! lol :)

@cocoron (only spotted the one typo: "industiral")

@cocoron this is really good and l like how you use examples to show how intersectionality and anarchism complemente each other.

A couple of points for accessability. The term eudaemonia could do with explanation (briefly, in brackets). I had to look it up as I've never heard/read it before. Same with 'Gramsci and Debord's nightmares come true' which I'm not sure how to even look up.

@GwenfarsGarden Yeah I was aware of that when I was writing but I wasn't sure of how to explain it without breaking up the flow of the essay. I'll add footnotes when I get home.

@cocoron This is good, and I’m sorry the manarchists are at it again.

@ghost_bird @cocoron I am as well. I refuse to work with people who parrot right-wing talking points, it's anti-anarchistic and wrong-minded regardless.

@ghost_bird @cocoron

"We don’t want hear about the next DIY event, queer night or squatter fest that excludes all but those who have the right language, dress code, or social circles.. Come back when you have something genuinely meaningful, subversive and dangerous to the status quo"


fine, y'all. 2001 wants its proto-alt-right talking point back, Spencer is getting lonely without it


@ghost_bird @cocoron

Thank you for taking this on, btw. I vote with my feet, but that doesn't mean that everybody else should, necessarily. (Although I'm definitely not objecting if people do, and it'll probably make it easier to build something that's actually useful.)

Stopping before I start to rant about manarchists

@shoutcacophony @cocoron Critiques of "identity politics" are old-style Left, too. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that's where the right got the term.

@cocoron thank you so much for writing this. it’s really good. you’re solidifying a bunch of thoughts that i had been struggling to put into words for a while

@cocoron Thanks for this - I found it educational and clear.

[Aside: I wish had a dark theme]

@cocoron thanks for sharing that, I found it thought provoking. I also really agree with the idea of ensuring that the poor are not denied access, it strikes a chord with me.

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