I am so fucking angry.

Oil companies, for decades, have been DELIBERATELY ACCELERATING global warming in order to MELT THE FUCKING MELT THE POLAR ICE CAPS so they can extract oil from the Arctic more easily!


These people are murderers. They are destroying our planet and wiping out the human and non-human life for easy profit!

"Exxon spent millions of dollars researching [climate change]. It outfitted an oil tanker, the Esso Atlantic, with CO2 detectors to measure how fast the oceans could absorb excess carbon, and hired mathematicians to build sophisticated climate models... In a private corporate primer, they wrote that heading off global warming and “potentially catastrophic events” would “require major reductions in fossil fuel combustion.”

"Ken Croasdale, a senior researcher for the company’s Canadian subsidiary, led a team that investigated the positive and negative effects of warming on Exxon’s Arctic operations. In 1991, he found that greenhouse gases were rising due to the burning of fossil fuels. “Nobody disputes this fact,” he said. The following year, he wrote that “global warming can only help lower exploration and development costs” in the Beaufort Sea"

"At the same time, he said, the rise in the sea level could threaten onshore infrastructure and create bigger waves that would damage offshore drilling structures. Thawing permafrost could make the earth buckle and slide under buildings and pipelines. As a result of these findings, Exxon and other major oil companies began laying plans to move into the Arctic, and started to build their new drilling platforms with higher decks, to compensate for the anticipated rises in sea level."

"A document uncovered by the L.A. Times showed that... in 1988, an unnamed Exxon “public affairs manager” issued an internal memo recommending that the company “emphasize the uncertainty” in the scientific data about climate change. Within a few years, Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Amoco, and others had joined the Global Climate Coalition, “to coordinate business participation in the international policy debate” on global warming."


In summary:
- Exxon Mobile knew since at least the 70s about the potential harm caused by global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

- In the 80s, they concluded that global warming would actually be good for profits; the polar ice caps would melt, making it easier to get at Arctic oil reserves.

- They started to collaborate with other fossil fuel companies to knowingly lie about CO2 emissions and its effects, in order to stop any global coordinated efforts to to prevent climate change.

@cocoron fucking hell

I don't even know what to do with this. Deliberate ecocide.

“A numerous class of men are painfully astonished whenever they find anything, living or dead, in all God’s universe, which they cannot eat or render in some way what they call useful to themselves.”

--John Muir, quoted in this article


These people must be held accountable for their crimes against the world. We’re past guillotines. Too merciful. 😡

@cocoron Wir going to Mars its just how hard do you want to make it for us to get enough people to go? That's why we abolish prisons, is yall wont let us go to Mars. We don't have the money? We're fucking billions.

@cocoron thank you for sharing this, idk what to do with this info, but it is processing nonetheless

Global warming was discussed as a known issue in 1950s science education films.

@bill Scientists have been researching the human impact on the composition of greenhouse gases since the thirties

@cocoron @bill We learned about "the greenhouse effect" in school in the early 1990s. It wasn't described as controversial. Here's an excerpt from a Norwegian science book for primary schoolers from 1991 (my translation):

"When we heat with oil and coal in homes and factories, we contribute to air pollution. During combustion, a gas is formed called carbon dioxide. It is colourless, and not dangerous, but if there is too much carbon dioxide in the air, the temperature on Earth can rise. This is called the greenhouse effect, and can lead to large and dangerous changes on Earth."

@cocoron @bill
Frankly, scientists have been warning us all about this since the industrial revolution was still happening.

@cocoron There's a Ford promotional video from the 1950s where they talk about climate change caused by carbon dioxide.

I wish I could find it. But they unequivocally knew what was going on then, and, in the film, say "We'll have to deal with this in a couple of centuries."

@cocoron can we get the link to the actual article? Twitter makes my phone go "..... ."

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