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millennials are killing capitalism by not being paid enough in wages to sustain a consumer-driven economy

@Fabristol @cocoron *has a 4yo beaten up phone and second hand clothes* yeah i also dont get it

@cocoron I wish they'd stop doing that. It's rui... wait, why would they *decide* to do this. It sounds like the work of some corporate elite, who thinks that short term gains are the best way to go... 😢

@cocoron problem with comsuption is at China, China dont export so much as before is happening now upsidedown as we know -comercial war- milennials working to export from west to China.

@cocoron the solution is obvious. Arrest millennials who don't make enough money.

@cocoron This was the BS endgame of the proposed transfer from a manufacturing economy to a service one. But if we're all serving who are we going to serve? Even a harem has practical size limits.

It didn't make any more sense when Henry Ford said it.

For one thing, profits also sustain an economy.

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