This is a pinned master thread of essays/videos I've made, if you're interested have a look at the replies 👇

@cocoron This all looks very interesting based on the quick information in the list...

@cocoron I'll try to remember to, and I probably will at least on some level.

@cocoron This one speaks in part to some of what I am seeing here. I'm in Canada where we have "universal healthcare" in a society which leans more towards "laissez faire capitalism" which means that in healthcare there is an idea that "the patient doesn't pay for this" which means that the "medical team doesn't need to work to keep/get patients". But it's even worse than this, because you can't really switch doctors easily even when the doctor isn't meeting your needs.

@JigmeDatse it's always bad news when capitalist/free market attitudes are applied to public services

@cocoron Those involved would say that they don't apply capitalistic/free market attitudes, but that's a matter that they believe that in a capitalistic/free market they can act without those attitudes because that's just not how things work with "universal health care."

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