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Sunbeam City cooperative discussion has moved to Matrix, if you've ever wanted to join a cooperative or take part in building one, now's your chance ▶️ ▶️ ▶️

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This is a pinned master thread of essays/videos I've made, if you're interested have a look at the replies 👇

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If you ever think "oh this is a small instance, I shouldn't toot too much and fill up the local timeline," you are wrong. Please spam the hell out of with your thoughts, it's what I'm running the instance for. Otherwise it would be going to waste, and it makes me glad to see the it being used.

Kanye West is the embodiment of the Nietzschean übermensch

speakers from Ghana, West Papua, Caribbean and Mongolia share their stories and demand that we support them to protect this planet which is our home!

In doing this you actually give three gifts:

1) to your friend
2) to me
3) to choirs that sing my music for free

OK, want to support my composing but also want to give a friend a gift?

I do gift subscriptions now!

The support levels are the same as direct subscriptions at 

You can purchase a subscription there, and ask me for the gift pack in the "any other comments" box that Paypal gives you. (Do give me your snailmail address, or I won't be able to send it to you.) Then you give the recipient the card I send you, so there's something to unwrap.

I'm going to to something I wouldn't normally do, and that's link to posts on birdsite. This is just to show pics of the actions today.

First up Waterloo Bridge is now occupied

5 bridges shut down today. What comes next? “Wednesday Thursday and Friday this week we will be blocking roads around London using Swarm techniques. We will cause massive economic disruption. We need more people. Trainings coming up every day”

Sign up

thank you!!! It was only a lie created by a cutie :3

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More racist white people EXPOSED on social media evidences the anarchism of blackness Show more

Here is the Anarchism of Blackness btw Well worth a is everything in Roar magazine.

oh I’M sorry, when i talk about cartoon crushes, i lose followers, but when grimes admits her affinity for hentai, she’s still lame as hell and dating elon musk

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