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If you ever think "oh this is a small instance, I shouldn't toot too much and fill up the local timeline," you are wrong. Please spam the hell out of with your thoughts, it's what I'm running the instance for. Otherwise it would be going to waste, and it makes me glad to see the it being used.

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Okay, since this is a recurring question (which I should have expected), I've updated's about page with a link to a short description of what actually is, taking on board suggestions from the Fediverse:

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Hey everyone, new here, and excited to be here. Love the values of solar punk and I was happy to find that a website like this exists! Can't wait to be part of a community that holds these views, nice to meet you all.

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CalArts is the Illuminati for people who get mad at cartoon reboots

We cannot help but believe that were every law, every title deed, every court, and every police officer or soldier abolished tomorrow with one sweep, we would be better off than now.
-- Lucy Parsons

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still thinken about that piano i saw...

A new and intriguing item has found its way into our library this evening....

(en) Our host was temporarily down due to an issue with upgrading. If it happens again please check out our host @mastohost, or ping me on Telegram @cocoron for updates.

(eo) Nia gastiganto estis provizore malsupren pro problemo kun ฤisdatigo. Se ฤi okazas denove bonvolu rigardi nian gastiganton @mastohost, aลญ mesaฤu min sur Telegram @cocoron por resti ฤisdata.

i have two exams today but all im gonna be thinking about is the lonely piano i dont need this in my life

im on a train and........ i just saw.... a piano......... in a big empty field.... by itself............ ?????????????????

monarchists are gross and embarrassing

"City of Anarchy": A high resolution schematic of Kowloon Walled City by Adolfo Arranz for SCMP

It uses information and #photography from "The Darkness City: Life in Kownloon Walled City" by Greg Girard and Ian Lambot as well as the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong

This location was the origin of many #Cyberpunk tropes

Higher resolution version is available here:

I bet anti-cafรฉs are pretty cheap to set up

Hello fediverse! is a free/open/nonprofit alternative to proprietary review sites like #Goodreads, #Yelp, #IMDB.

It plugs into #opendata sources: #Wikidata, #OpenLibrary and #OpenStreetMap (OSM integration is very basic at this point). Still a long way to go but we have a small community and lots of reviews already. On GitHub at: - IRC: on - Matrix:


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getting nerds to give a shit about people who aren't neurotypical & able-bodied middle+ class white tech boys is the hardest problem in computer science

Individualism is just a tactic of the rich to stop you seeking society and connection with others and therefore stop you organising, unionising and freeing yourself from personal burdens