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Sunbeam City cooperative discussion has moved to Matrix, if you've ever wanted to join a cooperative or take part in building one, now's your chance ▢️ ▢️ ▢️

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This is a pinned master thread of essays/videos I've made, if you're interested have a look at the replies πŸ‘‡

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If you ever think "oh this is a small instance, I shouldn't toot too much and fill up the local timeline," you are wrong. Please spam the hell out of with your thoughts, it's what I'm running the instance for. Otherwise it would be going to waste, and it makes me glad to see the it being used.

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Okay, since this is a recurring question (which I should have expected), I've updated's about page with a link to a short description of what actually is, taking on board suggestions from the Fediverse:

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Just temporarily silenced Will undo once they get their sexy spambot problem sorted.

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I really gotta go tend to IRL things and then go to bed so if anyone has any DMs for me I'll have to ask you to hold onto them until tomorrow, goodnight

Ditched a party to go listen to vaporwave at Kmart

Hell yeah I study STEM


just told a guy on tumblr that the E in STEM stood for English Literature and he blocked me

so many fucking engineers are telling me "oh so a 90 degree angle isn't possible, a 90.199 degree tip is fine" or like "just make it 12.02". first of all, get a real job. second, mlb regulations don't ask for About 12. they ask for 12. they require an impossible shape to be on the field for legal play, meaning there's never been a legal game of major league baseball

Lost my key to the front door of my apartment block lol

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Me becoming an Anarchist has a lot to do with the disillusionment of the state that I live in, and how I grew up knowing how ineffective and actively harmful electoral politics can be. Anyone who lives here knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Out of all the cities on the island of Ireland I would definitely say that Belfast has the most visible Anarchist contingency

Northern Ireland is fertile ground for Anarchism because absolutely no one here has faith in the state anymore and it shows

Read "Post-Scarcity Anarchism" at work today

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