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Hellooo Sunbeam City! I am Citlali, aka Lolly. I am a beginner gardener living with my family of long time gardeners, learning their ways and learning to become more self sufficient. Here's some stuff about me!

🍓 Summer Goal: Learn to can & jam
🍓 Used to work for Hollywood Elite/ Cake maker to the stars. It destroyed my soul
🍓 Native to the Southwest, so my focus and interest is desert sustainability
🍓 Author and solarpunk is a theme in most of my work
🍓 I have a host of illnesses, mental and physical
🍓Gluten Free as of August 2018
🍓 Asexual. Panromantic. Agender. She or They are equally cool.

I'm begging people to stop being like "nobody's talking about this"

Nobody in your small sampling of a social circle is speaking about a thing but that doesn't mean nobody's talking about it

Honeysuckle by the garage is finally flowering. I never quite got the hang of getting the nectar out of it. I’ll leave that for the pollinators I guess.

lewd implication 

my boyfriend pokes fun at the poses i do in my selfies by recreating them in really hyper exaggerated ways and i do the oh u dont be so mean thing but in reality he's the cutest and i can't get over it. its the only time he's not shy in front of a camera and i love it.

Recipes and cooking techniques 


its astonishing that my family still thinks i'm not petty enough to destroy something beautiful just to get what i want 💅

dear asexual people, 

its a very flexible system. like she can start out Total Lump in the morning but once we get her moving in the sunlight, she can quickly progress to Extra Wiggly with a side of Pounce. Conversely, she can start the morning Very Wiggly but if she's running outside and comes into the cool, humid house, Lump sets in very quickly.

the Wiggle Index also helps determine how much she likes someone. if she's throwing her tail nub in your face and swingin like she's churning butter, she probably likes you.

just real quickly tho: my family and I have developed an index system to determine how our eldest dog with arthritis is doing pain-wise. since, clearly, we can't ask her.

its called the Wiggle Index and ranges on a scale of Total Lump (bad pain day, little movement, won't get up even for treats) to Extra Wiggly (energetic, bright eyes, playful, runs to greet youl).

there's no world cup matches today that i'm interested enough to watch since i have no tv nearby. i'm gonna hydrate and start busting ass on chapter 2.

eating disorder - 

food, non-veg 

i need two more chapters (roughly 3 to 4k words) and then my whole month is queued up and i can chill. maybe write some free short stories to draw people into my patreon. oof.

but first, dinner.

holy peanut butter balls i DID IT. i finished a CHAPTER.

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