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The Plan for the at ChillerSpace, Part 1

I want this garden to be a refuge for species, by reintroducing more domestic plants that are endangered and/or that are food sources for endangered animals.

I'll start with that are nectar sources for pollinators, especially and .

I found a list of butterflies that are highly endangered and protected with priority in (it's in German, but there is a list of Latin names):

Next I'll research which domestic plants these species like the most as nectar sources and what their caterpillars eat.

I suspect the best way to get more of the plants I want is to stop watering an mowing (parts of) the lawn.

Picture credit: 3.0 Heiko Blaeser

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ChillerSpace is a housing project in the making in . The plan of the project is for like-minded people to live and work together towards a better future.

We want to actively combat:

and other evil

We do that by following these principles among others:

Project initiator: @paulakreuzer


Bumble bee on Verbena bonariensis.

This is an excellent plant for pollinators, and if you leave the seedy heads into winter, you often get Goldfinches coming to feast on them.

@plants #Gardening #Plants #Bees #Birds


People should not be considered armed and dangerous because of the color of their skin.
It's racists who are dangerous, using their words as weapons against their fellow humans.
Racism has no place in the 21st century, not that it ever should have.



May I present the rare blue carpenter bumblebee (xylocopa caerulea)

What would you like to know about the #ClimateJusticeMovement?

Hey everybody,
I'm thinking of writing a book about @FridaysForFuture and the @climatejustice movement in general.

I'd like to make it an inside look into the movement with lots of very personal accounts. I'll interview people I know irl, but also anyone here can participate if they want to.

What I'd like to know from you guys right now is what you'd like to read in the book. Obviously I already have some ideas, but I'm sure you can tell me some things I didn't think about. You can tell me suggestions for interview questions, facts that should be included, matters I shouldn't leave out or even ideas for whole chapters.

I'll first write it in German and I'll probably release the whole thing on #WriteFreely under a #CreativeCommons license. An Enlish version will follow and help with the translation will be appreciated. Because of the license anyone can translate it into other languages too.

Thanks for every answer and #boost.

#FridaysForFuture #FFF #ClimateJustice #KlimaGerechtigkeitsBewegung #book #literature #DebutAuthor

This guy was hanging from his silk at the first view it was very inconspicuous! But if you take a closer look, the caterpillar has a nice pattern

another one with the m100 and the 28mm macro!

Just now, a beautiful butterfly came into my apartment and landed on my job contract. It then inspected the terms and conditions with its trunk (proboscis). 😻

#nature #butterflies #photography #FujifilmXT2 #FujinonXF90mm
(photos: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


Watching #bees gather nectar; listening to them hum and smelling the flowers they are visiting can have a very calming effect.


This dark beauty is Iris chrysographes. The colour is deep purple, but can often look almost black. It just looks so luxurious.

@plants #Gardening #Plants

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