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The Plan for the at ChillerSpace, Part 1

I want this garden to be a refuge for species, by reintroducing more domestic plants that are endangered and/or that are food sources for endangered animals.

I'll start with that are nectar sources for pollinators, especially and .

I found a list of butterflies that are highly endangered and protected with priority in (it's in German, but there is a list of Latin names):

Next I'll research which domestic plants these species like the most as nectar sources and what their caterpillars eat.

I suspect the best way to get more of the plants I want is to stop watering an mowing (parts of) the lawn.

Picture credit: 3.0 Heiko Blaeser

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ChillerSpace is a housing project in the making in . The plan of the project is for like-minded people to live and work together towards a better future.

We want to actively combat:

and other evil

We do that by following these principles among others:

Project initiator: @paulakreuzer

Spotted this Branded Imperial (Eooxylides tharis) butterfly at Ulu Sembawang Park Connector, Singapore, on 30 Nov 2019. This one was sunbathing, allowing me to take a shot of its upperside, which I have seldom seen.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Photography #Singapore #Insects #Butterflies #Lepidoptera

Autumnal butterfly pic for you all, seen near Bristol on a recent visit to the UK:

It's important to have plants that still bloom in October. Lots of pollinators are still gathering nectar and pollen.

Our ivy is foll of flies and wasps and the Aster flowers are full of bees. They look and sound the same from afar.

1: Fly on Ivy blossoms
2: Wasp on Ivy blossoms
3-7: Honeybees on Aster blossoms
8: Hoverfly on Ivy leaf

#Bee #Bees #SaveTheBees #Fly #Wasp

Oh, I must show you all my prized Pumpkin Pi, that I grew a couple of years ago.

Yes, it weighed 3.14... π
I was very proud :D

Offline for the #ClimateStrike. See y'all again on September 28th.

I might post some pics on Pixelfed: @paulakreuzer though.

#FridaysForFuture #EarthStrike

Food, bees 

it is ridiculously hard to get a picture of a bee in flight at least with my setup but this came out reasonable great
#photography #photo #bee #mastoart #fediart #art

Great idea for naturalizing outdoor #urban spaces:

The #construction of this outdoor #livingwall in the video was undertaken with the hope of reducing urban flooding in London.

"Two months, 16 tonnes of soil and 10,000 plants later, Victoria has just welcomed London’s largest Living Wall, designed to reduce urban flooding. Housed on the side of Rubens at the Palace Hotel, the 21 metre high wall covers a 350 square foot area and is home to seasonal flowers like strawberries, butter cups and winter geraniums to ensure it’s in bloom all year round.

The lack of absorbent surfaces in the area, means Victoria is prone to urban flooding but with specifically designed storage tanks, the wall can house up to 10,000 litres of water which is channelled back through the wall to nourish the plant life."

Some more #inspirational designs:

if you want to save the bees
plant more flowering trees

fukin two birds one stone

A Gulf Fritillary butterfly. A few weeks ago at the same gardens, I saw tons of monarchs. This time I saw a lot of these.

#photo #butterflies #GulfFritillary #nature

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