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The Plan for the at ChillerSpace, Part 1

I want this garden to be a refuge for species, by reintroducing more domestic plants that are endangered and/or that are food sources for endangered animals.

I'll start with that are nectar sources for pollinators, especially and .

I found a list of butterflies that are highly endangered and protected with priority in (it's in German, but there is a list of Latin names):

Next I'll research which domestic plants these species like the most as nectar sources and what their caterpillars eat.

I suspect the best way to get more of the plants I want is to stop watering an mowing (parts of) the lawn.

Picture credit: 3.0 Heiko Blaeser

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ChillerSpace is a housing project in the making in . The plan of the project is for like-minded people to live and work together towards a better future.

We want to actively combat:

and other evil

We do that by following these principles among others:

Project initiator: @paulakreuzer

Abendspatz (Sparrow in the evening sun with reflexions on my window)

#photography #nature #birds
#FujifilmXT2 #FujinonXF90mm

(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Yellow is a Bright Color!

I found it impossible to take pictures of these yellow flowers without either the blossoms being too light or the background being very dark.

Don't eat the rich. They probably have diseases. Feed them to your plants instead.

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Please spread the word that SBC is not being shut down. And no one needs to scramble to save their content as it is not being deleted. #Sunbeam #SBC #SunbeamCity

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Do ya'll already know
It's a #Fediverse service that let's you create user-groups. To create a group just search the fediverse for
Follow the "user" to join the group. Tag the group and all members will be informed.

I created @climatejustice and @FridaysForFuture. Join if you're interested in #ClimateJustice #FridaysForFuture #ClimateCrisis #KlimaGerechtigkeit #KlimaKrise #KlimaSchutz #ClimateStrike #KlimaStreik #FFF

@ViennaForFuture @fridaysforfutureerfurt @fffdresden @xrgermany @endegelaende @tuxom @jeroenpraat @hambibleibt @Snoro @Felicitas

Ich habe vor ein paar Tagen ein Foto von einem Taubenschwänzchen im Garten gemacht. Die Viecher sind so irre schnell unterwegs!

Eins ist das volle Foto, eins ist ein 100% crop.

Nähere Infos:

Hi #Mastodon, hallo #Fediverse

We are #FridaysForFuture #Vienna and now finally here officially.
We are especially happy to have found a home on the instance as we see ourselves as part of the global #ClimateJusticeMovement.

Who are we?

We are a movement that emerged from the youth, but is open to everybody and we demand drastic changes in policy from politics to fight the #ClimateCrisis.

#FFF #ClimateJustice #ClimateProtection

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