I know lots of you beamers are anti-voting, but I gotta say I'm happy to see the Green Wave bearing out here in Ireland and EU.
I'd prefer if we'd have a sortition system, but if we have to have elections.. I'm really glad we do them by proportional representation. Voting meant putting the candidates in order of preference, so I knew my vote would end up AT WORST voting for a mainstream party to deny far right. But it looks like maybe I did better and got my first pref? Time will tell.


Do I think the "Green Wave" will save us? Not by itself, not even 10%. But it's a signal that, _less than 1 year since the IPCC's stark warning_, momentum is building, despite the wilful apathy of mainstream politics.
People are signalling to one another: climate is a mainstream concern. Preaching about solar and bikes and vegetarianism and anti-natalism, etc.. we're reaching a point where it's starting to stick.
We can win.

@GreenandBlack @cathal yeah some people think it's immoral to have children. After all I'd bring someone into this world only to deal with suffering and then you die? I'm not that big of Hannity idea myself since I like being alive as much as it sucks most of the time but it is a thing a small number of people are into

Anti-natalism per-se is more about being against the culture that _expects_ and _demands_ people have children, and it's about more than the environment. But as an environmental thing, fewer humans means more biosphere for other forms of life. The only ethically straightforward way is for people to culturally choose to have fewer or no children, without coercion. Hence, anti-natalism.

My fear is that the Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil types who are "acknowledging" the message will change their words while not amending their deeds, but that this will be acceptable to those who voted Green this time, allowing them to return to the politics of opportunity the next time.

Richard Bruton, Fine Gael's most "climate concerned" minister ever, was on the radio this morning justifying the impending handing out of oil-and-gas exploration licences to Exxon and China.
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