concentration camps, call to action 

Binary Thinking 

Why is it CHERnobyl? Why not CHIMnobyl? I am SICK and TIRED of MEN being ERASED from HISTORY

guns, caps 

We are over at Bata's house this morning, so here is a picture of Bata being Bata.


genders are performative for example, my two favorite genders to perform are Gay Uncle and Oh God What Is That

Amusement parks (repetetive text cw) 

OCR Output (chars: 91) 

Mormonisn, wonderful (extended) family, a hint of spicy religious trauma ++ 

queer liberation propaganda, weapons 

What if we all just stopped with new features altogether and focused only on things like reducing power usage, older hardware support, and security until we had a sustainable computing platform?

the 21 years america wasn't at war 

it's fucked up that we built billboards but covered them with advertising instead of say, a cool picture of a dog

Last summer, fascists attempted to rally in Washington, DC on the anniversary of the tragedy in Charlottesville and a huge crowd shut them down: 

This summer, they want to try again. Let's be there to stop them: 


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