Caps + plants 

Love, simon for some reason 

2. Reduce the number of car parking spaces:
* Stop putting car basements under new build flats
Convert existing street parking spaces to:
* Casual and secure bicycle parking
* Reserved disabled spots, which should exist at regular intervals
* Delivery / loading zones
* Car club spots for electric car club vehicles, with charging points, which are not subsidised.

recreating right-wing facebook memes with pictures of antifa is my new favorite pastime

Climate change - 

Lovely wee guide to guerilla tree-planting by this dude with an accent I am just OBSESSED with :ecoanarchism_heart:


cops and fascism 

discourse, cars 

uspol, mention of horrible things 

Music, only half of it by women 

Music, only half of it by women 

This Account Supports Doing Crimes

Boost This Toot To Support Crimes

getting some more #visiblemending done; there was a big flap ripping out of this sleeve so i patched it right up

(photo of a flannel shirt sleeve with a hole patched by a piece of fabric with a sparkly sun face peeking through, done with tiny slightly crooked embroidery stitches in a contrasting color)

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