Last retoot on point, but keep giving clout to your racist faves like I know you're gonna

@clew waxing a canvas jacket is very interesting to me! Where can I learn more about this? I'm an anxious sort, and would like more details :)

This sounds a bit silly to ask, but what the heck clothing and such do I need for farming in the rain? I've just got plants to attempt to take care of, no animals yet. But I'm unclear about being out of the house in weather that isn't "cool and dry", "warm and dry", or "blizzard", as I have been moreorless a shutin for the last 15 years. (mental illness sucks)

@aldersprig Thanks for teh info! I'll definitely be thinking about those things. I had wondered how to grind up eggshells successfully too

@interneteh Thanks very much for all the info! I know exactly where to put the pile now and what to do and how to check it. Thanks a ton :)

@interneteh How exactly often do I need to water and turn it? I live in a very very dry climate by the way. Does it matter where it's located? Like directly in the sun and very close to where my garden actually is?

Thanks so much for the infos, I already feel much more confident!

@interneteh Wow, well I'm not sure what my options are for a goal? :) I want to use it for my yard garden. I'll have wood chips, bits of plants, and food bits, if that is the information you're asking for.

I want to start but I really have no idea what I'm doing. What are my options? What's easy to do if you are a very small person? Advice would be delightful!

@mcmoots Wow thank you for linking this! I've just signed up for a drop

Incidentally, the reason I'm making a yard garden is because I've never grown plants successfully and haven't really tried that hard before. I want to start a farm co-op, and since I have no idea what I'm doing, this is a bit of dipping my toe into a very large pool. I got much bigger ideas than just supplementing my household's food supply, but it's as good a start as any!

@GwenfarsGarden @puffinus_puffinus Oh I am such a goof! I drew the compass on there backwards. The sunflowers are gonna be on the north side. haha I can't believe I didn't notice that this whole time

Ok, now that white nonsense distractions are over! Back to gardening! Additions will be: remember and plant our no-mow "lawn" of fescue and flowers and to build an insect hotel from the couple of pallets and random crap I've got lying around! Can't wait to have plant related photos for y'all!

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@Wewereseeds @socalledunitedstates I'm not meaning that you need to ask for permission, I'm suggesting that it's a grand idea to run it by for comment even from random PoCs who happen to be on Mastodon for anything you may be missing or just good additions or suggestions. I don't expect you to know more than you know.

@InvaderXan oh I see! Interesting! I will be adding that to my todo list for this weekend

@InvaderXan Thanks for the advice! I don't know what an insect hotel is, but I will find out! Do you happen to have a resource or two to link me? It's cool if you don't, I'll look it up later.

@towncrier @socalledunitedstates
Did y'all consult any People of Color before suggestion this? Also, I don't know how your co-op works at all, like if ppl are paid, but will they be paid? It's a lot of energy to organize and deal with humans, and it's even more for us PoC to do this with whites for a white organization. It tends to be soul crushing, dangerous, and pointless really

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