I want to start but I really have no idea what I'm doing. What are my options? What's easy to do if you are a very small person? Advice would be delightful!

@bumblebees This might be helpful now, or else later when you gain more confidence: stuff rots. It’s inevitable. Pile it up. Wait patiently. Forget about it. Come back in a year or two. Voila! Compost.

@Fritillaria2 @bumblebees This is more or less my tactic, learned from my grandma's literal "compost heap."

But be aware of the critters in your area.

I live in farmland; all I get is possums (and a kitten, but we moved her inside). But if you live more urban, a closed container is a better bet.

Also: avocado pits are the weirdest thing. You will pull them out three years later, still fully intact.

Split them in half first (carefully).

@bumblebees on that note: eggshells.
They break down slooooow.

So we store them in a bin in the oven (they can get up to 350 without stinking and it pretty much sterilizes them) and then grind them up in the food processor when we get a batch. Then we sprinkle the eggshell dust/crumbles on the garden that way.

Note! If you do this, leave the food processor closed for a good 5 minutes before you open it. EGG DUST not fun.


@aldersprig Thanks for teh info! I'll definitely be thinking about those things. I had wondered how to grind up eggshells successfully too

@bumblebees If you don't eat a lot of eggs, a coffee grinder (cheapest electric sort) works too

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