If anyone would like to comment on our design, here's the tentative design! This is a chunk of land that gets full sun all day long. South is on the bottom there. Each square is 9 inches

going from left to right and south to the north side:
- Sunflowers (that will be thinned),
- winged beans and a mix of like greenbeans
- pepita pumpkins and rouge vit d'etapes pumpkins
- potentially, leeks to fill up any space that may be left
- banana peppers and cabbages
- radishes and onions

If anyone has any suggestions/advice for potential pest problems, we could use that advice too!

Ok, now that white nonsense distractions are over! Back to gardening! Additions will be: remember and plant our no-mow "lawn" of fescue and flowers and to build an insect hotel from the couple of pallets and random crap I've got lying around! Can't wait to have plant related photos for y'all!

Best way to keep insects under control is with other insects. Maybe include a couple of insect hotels to help prevent aphids from becoming a problem.

@InvaderXan Thanks for the advice! I don't know what an insect hotel is, but I will find out! Do you happen to have a resource or two to link me? It's cool if you don't, I'll look it up later.

Essentially, they're boxes with lots of spaces for insects to nest. Particularly the kind of insects which serve as pest control, like predatory wasps.

You've probably seen them around, and they're easy enough to construct from scrap materials.

@InvaderXan oh I see! Interesting! I will be adding that to my todo list for this weekend

@InvaderXan @bumblebees
These are awesome. Sometimes take a little while to establish but super effective once they are.

@SolanumGF @bumblebees
Yeah, I guess you need to wait awhile for the insects to show up. They always do eventually though.

@InvaderXan @bumblebees
I've helped set up a few. Always got asked why they didn't have insects right away. They are just like bird feeders and houses. Sometimes you have to wait for them to find it. Usually doesn't take too long but placing is important.

Oh, also, maybe consider a few companion plants. Marigolds and nasturtiums, for instance, can help to keep pests away and both grow edible flowers.

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