Last retoot on point, but keep giving clout to your racist faves like I know you're gonna

This sounds a bit silly to ask, but what the heck clothing and such do I need for farming in the rain? I've just got plants to attempt to take care of, no animals yet. But I'm unclear about being out of the house in weather that isn't "cool and dry", "warm and dry", or "blizzard", as I have been moreorless a shutin for the last 15 years. (mental illness sucks)

I want to start but I really have no idea what I'm doing. What are my options? What's easy to do if you are a very small person? Advice would be delightful!

Incidentally, the reason I'm making a yard garden is because I've never grown plants successfully and haven't really tried that hard before. I want to start a farm co-op, and since I have no idea what I'm doing, this is a bit of dipping my toe into a very large pool. I got much bigger ideas than just supplementing my household's food supply, but it's as good a start as any!

Ok, now that white nonsense distractions are over! Back to gardening! Additions will be: remember and plant our no-mow "lawn" of fescue and flowers and to build an insect hotel from the couple of pallets and random crap I've got lying around! Can't wait to have plant related photos for y'all!

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If anyone has any suggestions/advice for potential pest problems, we could use that advice too!

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If anyone would like to comment on our design, here's the tentative design! This is a chunk of land that gets full sun all day long. South is on the bottom there. Each square is 9 inches

going from left to right and south to the north side:
- Sunflowers (that will be thinned),
- winged beans and a mix of like greenbeans
- pepita pumpkins and rouge vit d'etapes pumpkins
- potentially, leeks to fill up any space that may be left
- banana peppers and cabbages
- radishes and onions

Today we realized we have nearly 3 times more square footage to grow food in than we do to live in! As peoples with a million interests, the small living space can be annoying, but dude we're going to have so much homegrown food if we figure this out!

Question: Would it make sense to have my sunflowers all against the fence (and be the most north thing), then beans, then peppers? then pumpkins along the edge? I have a 30 foot wide 5 foot deep area I'm going to set up. Trying to figure out exactly where each seed is gonna go and start ordering them today.

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Today we'll be measuring out a garden box that we're going to build along our fence. We plan to plant sunflowers, peppers, pumpkins, and winged beans! We have no idea what we're doing but we'll figure it out one way or another

Some days (weeks?) ago, someone posted about a modified three sisters that used sunflowers. I think. Anyone know about such things or the toot I'm referring to?

that just started about the social change we need, called Towards Cooperative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century

Here's the intro video, which has made me feel a lot more optimistic that I can gain from it, even if it's in my own way

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