Dying @ this anecdote from Andrew Thaler on birbsite:

“Six years ago today, I walked into the techiest tech-bro bar in San Fransisco, positioned myself obnoxiously into a group of Dudes Wearing Google Glass, and loudly said "Ok Google, Call Mom."

It was magical.

How were you radicalized against pervasive technology?”

@brightneedle the first time anyone had voice recnition software, sometime around when Palm Pilots came out, there was a joke about walking into CES and shouting "rm -rf /"

@brightneedle Oh, I so needed to read something like this.

And shared the hilarity with Loving Spouse, who also laughed!

@brightneedle Google eliminating results from a search because it arbitrarily decided that those results were "irrelevant".

My dudes, I'm looking up Zines from the 1980s-1990s many of which were never digitized. I will take those results and decide for me if they're relevant or not.

@shel @brightneedle I mean, it also just stopped working because it was so broken lol

@brightneedle We hold our User Group board meetings at one of the board member's house. At one of those meetings one of the guys yelled "Hey Alexa, order me two tons of rice". Some conversation ensued of why this person did that, which
Alexa must've heard as confirmation. Later on a package from Amazon came to this person's house. In it were two tins of Royce candies.

They disputed the transaction, and the user's group got some Royce candy out of the deal.

@craigmaloney @brightneedle This reminds me of the annoying habit they have on Twit where they bleep out the use of the word Alexa, in order to avoid their listeners devices from activating.

At the same time, they are commenting on how devices should adapt to humans, and be seamless. While at the same time going through ridiculous contortions to the point of even changing their language to conform the the devices.

It's kind of amusing actually. I like their shows, but that's just annoying.

The sad part is that you can't tell this joke because it would do exactly that. :blobpensive:

@rick_777 @brightneedle what? you're not supposed to do that? whoooops :D

(ok, not really, I think I haven't managed to trigger any voice recognition by "willing accident", even if sometimes I do say things like that out loud. maybe that's just voice recognition not being trained on women's voices, however…)
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