Ok. I need to pull myself together, go upstairs, and start working on this quilt block. Body is still just a lot and tired and maybe probably grieving. And allergies. But. Triplets. Triplets delay not.

...that’s a hedgehog.

They’re all in pink because I had to pick scrap colors for the test blocks and I figure I can do something cute here, but not for a child because the piecing is too ad-hoc. Just needed to test patterns and sizes. But something. Gonna get some cute cute fabrics and prints and alllll the colors. Including pinks and blues but so much more. Who knows what gender the babies will end up?

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But really, Micah. He looked at it, squinted and was like ...Fox...are those flames? A dramatic explosion? I guess I did use a very deep pink

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@brightneedle gotta say I saw a hedgehog but I also love hedgehogs

"cool foxes don't look at explosions" is a great interpretation though xD

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