sometimes I look at the local craigslist and wonder whether one might be able to reclaim houses like this.

It's $16,900 if you pay cash or $19,000 if you finance.

... "Back door is open. Go look anytime. Very poor condition"

The world needs fewer McMansions and more small houses like this for people like me who are a family of 2.


-- communities would get together to make sure these houses don't decay/fix them up/make them available for people who need them.

@brightneedle There was a scheme like that in Detroit for a while after the crash. City rather than community-based though, so I think it was mostly hipsters.

@brightneedle The local Black Lives Matter group in my city is doing stuff like this! They have limited bandwidth from donors/money/volunteers, but they own a couple houses like this, and are rehabbing them one at a time.

@brightneedle There used to be a project like this in Iowa City, I think, where the community / University would fix up single-family homes and rent them out / sell them for cheap to new and visiting faculty.

@sabrams that’s pretty cool! Although even better might be selling them for cheap to others in community. But still, rad

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