Just wrote a blog post...

"Encountering Bigfoot in Children’s Nonfiction, or, a Crisis of Taxonomy"

a true story. Non-fiction. I swear.

...there's a lot of stories which begin "I was a very literal child"

@brightneedle Oh gosh oh golly, the 001 caused a very similar issue for me with vampires. I picked up one book packed with crazy "non-fiction" stories when I was 6 or 7 that gave me a hideous fear of the dark and a fascination with vampires for years.

The fear of the dark went away when my oldest brother gave me a necklace with a cross on it. Which made no sense, b/c I was an atheist. (Okay none of it made sense).

@dbs oh gosh!!! I don't know a "right way" to talk to kids that small about that kind of "non-fiction" but I think that just expecting them to sort it out... does not work. Someone on birbsite shared about her experience hearing the Jersey Devil story in school and not being told it was folklore...

@brightneedle And that's a very well-written post.

I love your one follow-up question.

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