Holy shit this first Ask a Manager letter writer needs to be kidnapped and get whatever the capitalism/labor version of deprogramming is.

They've been asked to cut workplace expenses... it's not an unreasonable ask, but their take is "ok, I'm gonna opt out of health care, retirement, walk 5 miles carrying heavy equipment VS TAKING PUBLIC TRANSIT, not get paid for overtime" -- like WOAH woah woah. I really wanna find/deprogram this person.



also like I've done work to cut expenses and it's always stuff like this example:

"I once figured when we looked for places to cust costs, that just getting rid of ONE magazine that each department subscribed to (and never really found time to read anyway) saved about 2 grand a year… stuff like this adds up."

...I once saved a library $20k/year in duplicate subscriptions. Ironically, I was a student worker & thus am still salty about cost/benefit.

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