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hi, I'm Ruth. A friend dubbed me Ruth Bright-Needle, which is what I'd like on my grave marker.

I'm into particularly around textiles. I work as a doing digital/cataloging/tech stuff and am trying to improve conditions. I live in the grief and hope of the . and the movement are very important to me. I do some , particularly for horror .

I'm a Mennonite and at least aspirationally a Christian Anarchist.

As I said in my bio, I find hope in rotting logs, in mushrooms, in ecosystems... I'm also interested in

My other accounts are @ruth (which I'm retiring/redirecting) and @platypus where I talk about library stuff, esp tech and cataloging, and to some degree labor and whatnot, primarily.

... and y'all have been being so awesome for so long I just had to join up here.

Reflecting tonight that most people have lived without the type of mirrors to which I have access. I wonder what that’s like. I wonder which of us is better off.


assigned at birth

when the doctor delivered me he just said "yep" and called it a night

Millennials Are Killing Middle Aged Op-Ed Writers

Guns, Germs, and Here's Why European Colonialism and Genocide Was Inevitable No Biggie

if you're a trans woman or trans feminine non-binary person there's a long-term study recruiting right now on trans feminine health and it compensates $250 spread out in 6 month intervals of $50. Https://

oops I'm hate-reading again / beer mention & productivity & profit??? Show more

oops I'm hate-reading again Show more

F*ck Jared Diamond / and Steven Pinker Show more

F*ck Jared Diamond Show more

"we noticed you're using an adblocker." very observant of you! i wonder what other information you'd be collecting if not for my adblocker. and no i won't turn it off.

POLLEN augh Show more

why would you ever want notifications from a website

some well-meaning person referred to firefighters as "firepeople" and that gave me some odd mental imagery

Notre Dame fire,possibly + framing?,I guess this is a take but not like a TAKE take Show more

My husband is running an errand and my dog won’t stop crying in the window. /sigh

loss of historic buildings, death positivity, reflections. Show more

my own feelings re: Notre Dame fire -- mixed Show more

General CWing of fires / meta Show more

CW, meta, Notre Dame fire Show more

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