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hi, I'm Ruth. A friend dubbed me Ruth Bright-Needle, which is what I'd like on my grave marker.

I'm into particularly around textiles. I work as a doing digital/cataloging/tech stuff and am trying to improve conditions. I live in the grief and hope of the . and the movement are very important to me. I do some , particularly for horror .

I'm a Mennonite and at least aspirationally a Christian Anarchist.

As I said in my bio, I find hope in rotting logs, in mushrooms, in ecosystems... I'm also interested in

My other accounts are @ruth (which I'm retiring/redirecting) and @platypus where I talk about library stuff, esp tech and cataloging, and to some degree labor and whatnot, primarily.

... and y'all have been being so awesome for so long I just had to join up here.

Some words of encouragement for your day. image apparently from Dungeon Crawl Classics, Doug Kovacs.

and have played a lot of Mass Effect.

... I also watched Babylon 5.

I dunno what you want from me.

β˜• ✍️ ⌨️ let's do this! (I do have bot writing implement types)

Your cranky weekly reminder to back up your goddamn computer. Your friendly tech support worker will thank you someday. || Ĉi tiu estas via grumbla semajna rememorigo sekurkopii vian damnan komputilon. Via amikema teknikanto dankos vin iutage.

Feeling a surprising amount of creative energy tonight. Gonna roll with it. Combo of good news and interesting project, I think.

Anyway, it's in Philly, and I just gotta say ✊ Philly.

And Philly has huge racial housing inequity and such so... I basically don't trust anyone in Philly who's involved in housing/real estate and isn't working specifically for racial justice/reparations.

Real estate "investor" finds a house booby-trapped with a knife. And I'm like -- this person was trying to profit off someone else's eviction, right?

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Some words of encouragement for your day. image apparently from Dungeon Crawl Classics, Doug Kovacs.

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my husband just told me I'm a good mom to my pup and he loves me very much and brb I'm gonna cry because I love my pup so much.

I make him blankies and comfy beds.

David: *plays a secret chord*
The Lord: β€œDamn son where’d you find this?”

if my friend just made a commercial with Terry Crews, does that mean I'm 1 degree of separation from Terry Crews? Or 2?

Either way, FEELs.

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