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hi, I'm Ruth. A friend dubbed me Ruth Bright-Needle, which is what I'd like on my grave marker.

I'm into particularly around textiles. I work as a doing digital/cataloging/tech stuff and am trying to improve conditions. I live in the grief and hope of the . and the movement are very important to me. I do some , particularly for horror .

I'm a Mennonite and at least aspirationally a Christian Anarchist.

As I said in my bio, I find hope in rotting logs, in mushrooms, in ecosystems... I'm also interested in

My other accounts are @ruth (which I'm retiring/redirecting) and @platypus where I talk about library stuff, esp tech and cataloging, and to some degree labor and whatnot, primarily.

... and y'all have been being so awesome for so long I just had to join up here.

via CNN: BREAKING: David Koch, billionaire businessman and influential GOP donor, has died.

May his memory be for a warning.

I'm not sure whether this is an auto-ethnography, a choose your own adventure, what exactly... but I wrote a piece called "Repository Ouroboros."

I've let it settle for a month and now am posting it:

More pics of the triplet #quilts I made and the quilt for their big sister, because of triplets get gifts then their sister shouldn’t be left out! #quilting #craft #sewing

Normally I machine-quilt baby quilts but this is hand-quilted. Machine-pieced though.

‪In awe of the tenacity of ivy, cut back six times yet it swarms out a seventh, determined to overtake and uproot the sidewalk if we turn our backs. ‬

Salt circle as road marking (double line all the way around it) to trap an autonomous car... I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.

After having read Artificial Unintelligence by Meredith Broussard this weekend, I’m fascinated by this idea ...

A shout of appreciation into the fediverse for the JOY!!! of our domain names. I’m on Or Or Y’all are on places like How beautiful are all of these! How open-world

Dear white, male, cis, straight allies in tech: We need you out there de-radicalizing your racist, sexist techbros friends and coworkers (who are much more likely to listen to you than any of us) more than we need your code. Thank you.

autism, ifl vs. pfl 

If someone needs to continually say 'person' first to remind themselves I *am* a person, I would rather they did that than treat me as less than fully human.

My life experience, however, has taught me that those who don't see me as equally human won't start doing so simply because they change their language.

Moreover, at least when it comes to autism and autistic children especially, PFL often dehumanizes the very real person in favor of an imaginary non-autistic version.

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Google admitted that contractors can access recordings made by Assistant, after some of its recordings were leaked.

Been absolutely refusing to use any of these devices for precisely this reason. Google and Amazon have both been very quiet on how data is kept and access to it. The recent NHS direct news, teaming up with amazon to give medical advice, horrified me for exactly this.
Both companies have had data breaches, they should be allowed nowhere near NHS services

So wait, Mark Zuckerberg’s house has an AI? Whomst among us will teach it that he deserves regular punishment? ... imagine if we taught it comfortable levels for humans. And then taught it that the evil do not deserve comfort. And then taught it that Zuck was evil?!!

Sadly, abstinence-only computer education is how you get phone phreakers.

Sadly, abstinence-only computer education is how you get phone phreakers.

the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

‘White “anarchists” forget that their tradition is, first and foremost, about Westphalianism. Not some universal idea of “state” but a modern, colonial concoction is what their luminaries were writing about—even if they didn’t locate it in its proper historical context.’ A word from @RantzFanon on Twitter.

This is re First Nations and other indigenous or non-white-Western and non-Imperialist people groups.

Thank you to the protestors in Philly disrupting the 4th of July parade with a "Never Again" reminder. <3

*facebook is down*
*instagram is down*
*whatsapp is down*

me: excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about decentralization?

We didn't start the fire, but we're defiantly using it on the bourgeoisie.

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