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"Prior to the Gregorian calendar, farmers in China and Japan broke each year down into 24 sekki or “small seasons.” These seasons didn't use dates to mark seasons, but instead, they divided up the year by natural phenomena"

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Gonna take the whole "Don't scab on prime day" moment to promote one of my favourite alternatives to an amazon product.

The Movie Database is a free community-run alternative to IMDB, unlike amazon's shitty website, TMDB isn't full to bursting with ads, trackers and sluggish JavaScript, and provides an excellent platform for folk to catalogue information about their favorite films without being marketed to.

Please support it, not just on prime day, but any time you need info on a film. Keep information free.

SBC meta, admin 

SBC meta, admin 

I'm raising money to help pay for gender affirming surgery I just found out will be nearly $5000 after insurance. If you are able please consider donating. Boosts appreciated

This is apropos of nothing in particular, just a good thing to remember occasionally

A thing about abuse and abusers 

Fun fact: You can grow maple trees indoors and they will grow to the size of their container. You can keep small mini trees in your home.

Tinder be like 

I am so unenthused by the term "ethical nonmonogamy"

If you want to present at this or facilitate a discussion, don't forget to send an abstract to our email. Get that shit in before August 1st!!! And we're going to be updating this page by the end of July with some more details about the conference.

on theory 

What's going to make a lasting and cascading impact is embracing the discomfort of unlearning on a broad scale. We can't do that without theorizing how. We can't do that without implementing its practice.

Here's the related part: so I get frustrated when I see theory vs. praxis arguments. Y'all. Both are right. Both are necessary. And they do not apply in equal measure in all situations.

But also, "teaching the common folk" xyz dialectics isn't going to be your biggest hurdle (this is such a patronizing argument, don't get me started). It also won't automatically spell victory and revolution (as if) . In both cases, the lead up to Allende's presidency in Chile is illustrative.

Those things have long been important and useful to humans. Theory, generally, is important and useful to us. Talking out ideas, thought experiments, abstracting from perceived reality, questioning methods: all good and useful. Naturally, not everyone engages to the same extent. Not all ideas are useful to everyone. Nothing is monolithic. Theory isn't the end-all-be-all. Without action, it's not worth much. But the same is true in reverse.

Theory has always existed in the forms of cosmology, cosmovision, epistemology, etc. To deny that those who came before us had complex ways of understanding how and why they lived the way they did is to deny hundreds of generations of intellectual and philosophical pursuits. It also sterilizes our complex relationship to the present and disallows ideas and systems from the messiness and contradiction that arise organically.

Tangentially (but eventually related, I promise): I don't entirely agree with the "fuck theory, if you can't say it in a simple sentence, it's worthless" camp, though I think that effort is important, to an extent. The anti-theory approach I really oppose is that which says "fuck theory, let's go back to when we were all just humans cooperating and we didn't need theory to tell us what to do." It sounds sexy and utopic, but it is anachronistic, patrician, and infantilizing of human history.

For colonisers interested in learning about decolonisation, "Decolonisation is not a metaphor" by Tuck and Yang is mandatory reading.

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