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Nice article about an #OpenStreetMap workflow including some tips on what to take note of when visiting a place for mapping: #OSM

Lewdish, jokepost 

la lutte continue in Haiti 

The only kingdom I recognize is fungi 🍄

Life with NewPipe AND AdFree for Spotify is just too good to be true

TW death by police; Indonesia 

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Just found out about an F-Droid app that detects when the spotify notification bar changes to "Advertisement" and then mutes it, and optionally plays audio from your device's library instead until it finishes

I love how simple and clever this idea is. It's essentially exploiting the analog hole to block ads, and it can't be restricted any more than they can stop you from manually hitting mute whenever an ad comes up

Last night I dreamed separately about elephants in the Great Lakes region and Justin Bieber

Just saw a Tesla with the vanity plate "Nikola" 😐

Maybe I'm particularly emotional today, but the audio book of chapters 9 and 10 of The Dispossessed has me seriously teary.

They're reposting Filipino musicians on their Instagram, so like maybe one of them is?

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In need of a list of your favorite hardcore bands. No metalcore plz 💜

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