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Dear police spying on me, this is a jokepost 

(focusing on the writing and structure of the book)

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Someday this week when I have the energy, I'm gonna do a thread about Crazy Rich Asians

One of our ancestors had the audacity to grow eyes. What a fucking show off

This feeling is made all the stranger because, for so long, I was very very enthusiastic to gtfo. And I enjoyed a period of really wonderful itinerancy that I ended rather abruptly for grad school, which was a decision I was questioning even then.

So now, to feel so much more rooted than I did just a couple years ago, to feel so much trepidation at the prospect of leaving... I don't understand it, and I didn't expect it. And that's weird.

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Soon I'm moving out of the Midwest for the first time in a long time, and honestly it's kind of freaking me out


Hey, fellow Prison Abolitionists!!

IWOC NYC is looking for $150 more before the end of the day to meet our goal for the Stop The Raids survival fund:

NYPD has been using organized crime laws to prosecute everyday residents of public housing for crimes committed by someone elseβ€” someone they might be Facebook friends with, or someone who might have just had their phone number in their cell phone when they got arrested.

This fund is for commissary for the victims of these unethical raids.

Every little bit helps!! :ancomheart: :ancomheart: :ancomheart:

The goldfinches must be migrating, because I saw about 150 flocked by the creek today

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something that's been on my mind lately: white folks spend So Much time and money killing plants just because they aren't the one kind of plant they want growing there. like... nature is so abundant, if we just stopped fucking poisoning and chopping things all day long there would be plants everywhere in like 3 months. many of those would be edible. we spend so much energy just stopping nature from doing its thing.

(this is not a metaphor but it could be. what are you weedwhacking in your soul?)

Porn production company BangBros bought PornWikiLeaks, a website dedicated to doxxing and harassing porn performers, and literally set it on fire:

The site now:

(All, surprisingly, SFW)


There's lots of reasons to find China-as-a-good-example-of-communism stans incredibly annoying, but my personal favorite is the linguistic approach.

Never will I even consider supporting a government that insists that Mandarin and Hokkien are dialects of the same language.

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Herb focused first-aid or disaster response kits

I think they should really be carrying tourniquets and other trauma supplies though.

And here's a podcast episode the same people made

Image has a knife and medical supplies laid out on a floor.

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