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Just had one of those high velocity memories of the fact that the Twisted Metal games exist

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Some people are really invested in being unkind to the folks around them, and that's just not very punk of them.

I have a love-hate relationship with junk drawers

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thinking about putting together a company that does those teamwork exercises and retreats or whatever for companies that can’t make their employees engaged or happy. all the paperwork and the pitch will be super appealing to the managers, but on the day of we separate the management and just give the employees a workshop on organizing a union.

It's shitty under capitalism, but apprenticeship has the potential to be very solarpunk

i would like to remind all of my american friends, especially if you are a fast food worker or some kind of equivalent, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) has the first federally recognised fast food workers' union.

if you've ever thought of becoming an IWW member, dues are on sliding scale from $6/mo for those who are paid less than minimum wage, up to $36/mo for the most privileged wage earners; and dues are collected voluntarily, never by your boss as part of gross pay deductions.

With the help of @CornishRepublicanArmy I have reworked the 'Politics' section of the sunbeam wiki to be more of a beginners' guide to each of the three main libertarian socialist schools of thought. Each one has a barebones reading list that if you work roughly from top-bottom will give you a great introduction to political theory.

Someone DM'd us asking how 'anti-political anarchism' works and we shared with them this short article we wrote back in Nov. 2018. #antipolitics

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Hello! I'm a 22 yo Filipinx American horticulture student and i'm pretty new to the political scene. ( I welcome reading recommendations about socialism, anarchism, etc....pls...)
I like to read, draw, paint, hike. I will try to DIY anything I can- i'm in the process of learning how to sew my own clothes. It's a slow process. I'm also trying to teach myself front-end development... and that's also going slow.
So yeah, for once my life is kinda chill, so that's all i've got.
I'm also

I don't necessarily believe in transcendent experiences, but I believe very strongly in searching for them

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