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HEY. @Tusky is excellent. As of me writing this post, their Open Collective balance stands at $1592.59.

If people can get $200 more dollars in the till (that's $1792.59) by the end of the day tomorrow (36 hours for me, give or take a few), I'll match it with $200 dollars of my own.

I also challenge other folks in tech with a little money to throw around to match my match, even partially.

One of the greatest revolutionary hurdles will be normalizing the discomfort of unlearning. We've learned to live with and enact so many endless expressions of oppression, and the process of identifying, isolating, reflecting on, and dismantling those impulses is very, very long under the best of conditions.

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Nazi mention 

oh right, because you also sabotaged spanish-led leftist efforts during the spanish civil war

tankies: we're the ORIGINAL antifascists

leftists who were fighting fascists back when tankies and fascists were literally coordinating their invasions of eastern and northern europe: wtf

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wild how colonialism in the americas begins literally right after the ethnic cleansing of iberia

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I'm always bad at these so it's bulletpoint time
- Queer Desi
- Radical anti-racist
- Anti-fascist
- Anti-colonialist
- Linux enthusiast
- I like crypto I guess
- Desi callout鈩 individual
- Will tag just about everything that could potentially upset people

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