Also, I need to find a mobile alt for the Brave browser. Any that block ads? because that's the only reason I'm using it.

If anyone has experience changing their name/birth record in one state and then getting Wisconsin to act on the court order you got in the outside state, I'd love to hear how it went.

@AzureKingfisher @InvaderXan thanks for the tip! There's definitely always water, but the freezing might be an issue.

@raye gotcha! A dedicated dandelion patch sounds lovely. Do you harvest them or just have them for other reasons?

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going to couples' therapy because my partner thinks the hoedown throwdown is bad and won't play it at our wedding

Calling all radical gamedevs!

Some anarchists have started up a Discord server to discuss the development of a Stardew Valley-esque RPG set in an anarchist commune:

@GreenandBlack @tao avocado seeds take quite a while to show any change, so (depending on how dead the look πŸ˜‚) you might just have to wait longer. Mine is on week 6 and has only just started to crack.

Also, you can pirate succulents if you visit a garden shop and manage to pinch a couple leaves off. Lemons from the store also have lots of seeds with a high germination rate. They won't produce a lot of fruit, but they're pretty trees.

@InvaderXan we've already got the ponds, and I'm planting lotuses this year! Looks like I'm off to a good start 😊

@tulsi this is a great find! We had some last year, but the deer cleared them out within a few hours

Anyone have tips on how to encourage dragonflies? They eat mosquitoes and I want more of them!

@cadwellsocialcoop I have a friend at Strange Horizons and a couple other magazines I can get in touch with, if you're serious about putting something together or at least starting talks about it.

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