Lewdish, jokepost 

Go on a hike? Idk, I'm more of an

Found this truly cursed item in a local little free library: the novelization of the movie adaptation of the hit series Avatar: The Last Airbender

Anarchist beer poster 

I was shocked and kind of confused to find this in a local bar last night. From an article I read while trying to figure out where this came from: "the can features a quote by Emma Goldman, an advocate for freedom of expression, women's equality and workers' rights." :thinking_sun: :psyduck: :pika_surprise:

Found this gem on Instagram tonight. I have a new motto.

Image CW for eye contact and a tshirt with lewd text.

#SunDIY, alcohol 

Today was a nonstop , but most of the day was spent finishing up a beer we started a couple of months ago. This was the longest beer I've ever done.

I even got to do some gift economy-building with @glitterwitch when my family ran out of bottles with a gallon of beer left to rack!

The small part of my is starting these variously properly scored lotus seeds (Nelumbo lutea, iirc). I've never seen one of these in person, let alone grown them, so it's all a big experiment. And that outer casing is TOUGH. really really really difficult to score.

Pre-garden posting 

Y'all. I put these radishes in the dirt on MONDAY. That's too much growth power. I'm scared.

For my first post, have this fun little buddy that I have not tried to identify.

It's only 10 dollars for a durian out of season in the US. This isn't right.

Pear babies followup 

Here are my pears some 7 days on. The 4th container has been filled in with a mystery evergreen seed (they grow on the farm but I don't know what they're called; I pulled the seed right off the branch, and the needles are teeny). The me 4-pack has some grapefruits that haven't broken the surface yet. None of the lemon seeds have sprouted yet 🤔

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My pear plants are growing so quickly! It's only been a couple days and they're already peeking above the soil!

Found this visitor in a patch of willows today. Any idea what this big brown thing is? It looks like clay or mud was rubbed smooth over the bark.

My new reaction image for every time Democrats propose compromising with fascists


My precious 😍 it is time to fermennnnnt

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