Reacting to a threat to your community =/= reactionary politics

Why is this even a claim I'm hearing irl right now

@bedap lol like sometimes you have to react to things? Wait why aren't you holding still while I hit you wtf

@tulsi right??? The situation here is that a local hate group organized a big talk and invited some of the typical alt-right figureheads, so some students and staff organized a teach-in as a counter event, and then a bunch of faculty were like "we like this idea on paper but it's fundamentally reactionary so let's pretend we aren't doing it in response to the alt-right." Which... is so intensely nonsensical to me. 1) Making hate groups know that they have opposition isn't "reactionary." 2) Refusing to organize proactively and shitting on people trying to do *something* is just gatekeeping. Any accusations of being reactionary are just the ivory tower projecting its own inactivity and its own ability to organize outside of active threats to their power structures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@bedap lol so academic it's almost cliche. this is why i'm not in grad school

@tulsi I'm so glad I'm no longer in grad school. My PhD-seeking friends have this type of stuff happen all the time >.<

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