Long, moving, mutual aid 

After driving 2000 miles with a packed car getting drastically reduced gas mileage, I'm thinking about what a solidarity network for helping people move across long distances could look like.

-Central depots where you can drop off boxes marked with a destination
-An alliance/agreement with truckers passing through the area who have room in their cab
-Anyone can "check out" a box and mark down where they can drop it off along their trip
-Some type of notification system for when boxes have arrived to the desired location

With so many people constantly driving long distances with relatively empty cars, something like this could be feasible. It would require a lot of organization and a lot of trust, but it could also make a big difference, when moving is so expensive, time consuming, and generally difficult.

Long, moving, mutual aid 

@bedap it would require a LOT of trust. As things stand now, it could just become a thieves' lucky dip

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