Subtoot, ranting 

I am absolutely *reeling* at the caucasity of this post:
Calling "marginalization" a useless term in a ML framework because class is the only vector of control
Referring to an "sjw mind-virus" that apparently all artists have now, restricting them from portraying anyone except cishet white men as fluid, human characters
Which means that no modern stories matter or have value (this is particularly caucasious to me, completely ignoring value nonwhite folks place on literally anything)

I just... How do you come with something this inane and detached from reality? How do you have the whole changing world of literature and film at your disposal and see an "sjw mind-virus" displeasing to Daddy Vladdy ? Fucking vomittown, y'all.

@bedap thanks for words that post made my heart sink into my stomach

@mk1679_rocket it really messed with me. I tried for a long time not to post about it, but I just had to 😒

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