This weekend, I discovered the illustrated children's book T-Rex Time Machine. Lots of the children's books I saw had weird/uncomfortable/neoliberal/antiquated messages about manners or love or society, but not T-rex Time Machine.

Within the first three pages, the t-rexes have eaten a time traveling scientist come to colonize the past. They then travel to our present and marvel at the way food is everywhere, always. They eat everything they want for free, until the cops come to stop them. The dinos then throw boiling cup noodle on the police and evade arrest, fleeing back to their time machine.

Honestly, what heroes.

@bedap I mean, if you want to be even more explicit in your antiauthoritarian childrearing there's also A Rule is to Break and ABCs of Anarchy

@socalledunitedstates were the book for my child, then perhaps. But then again, there's a lot to be said for developing values independent of ideology, and I'd be hesitant to push anarchy in name on a child.

@bedap Maybe, but if you're not teaching anarchism you're teaching statism. There's very little gray area - if you question authority, question the necessity of the state, or achieve your goals through direct action rather than begging your rulers to do something, you're pretty much an anarchist in everything but name

And I wouldn't want to raise a child without teaching them those things (and thereby letting the system teach them the opposites)

@socalledunitedstates anarchism in everything but name is far preferable to anarchism in name only, which is partly why I say that teaching values independent of ideology is appealing to me. Telling a kid, "hey, we're anarchists, and this is what that means" teaches that the primary concern is the term "anarchism." I'm more inclined to teach "these are the things we believe in, and that's why we're called anarchists," not the least because it offers adaptability and the freedom to choose whatever label fits best (or none at all) rather than assigning "anarchism" inextricably.

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