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In my solarpunk utopia, everyone has Ariana Grande hair

Looking for unionized cab companies in my area, and I found one (unsure if they're unionized) called A Cab. That's gotta be a sign.

I suspect that one of the nice things about starting a swing shift job at this time of year will be not being forced to be inside during the only times the sun is out

yo fediverse, who's got a pirate radio station streaming online? i'm making a #FediRadio playlist for use in VLC.

so far:
vantaradio (@vantablack)
aNONradio (@snowdusk_)

pls boost!

#TootRadio #PouetRadio #NowPlaying #radio 馃悩

La banda de punk boliviana "Furia y Candela" puso m煤sica a la protesta popular contra el r茅gimen de Evo Morales, en el a帽o 2013.

En el video se aprecian polic铆as y militares reprimiendo ind铆genas, obreros, campesinos, discapacitados, adem谩s de motines anticarcelarios. Demostrando el car谩cter opresivo del gobierno neoliberal.

Para destacar, el vocalista de la banda realiz贸 la grabaci贸n desde prisi贸n, pues fue encarcelado durante redadas policiacas anti-anarquistas.

#punk #Bolivia

Food shitpost 

Alright nerds: what cool things are you doing right now? What goals are you building towards? What creative projects have you recently finished?

Self promotion thread! Hype that shit up!

Chile, +++, youtube link 

Message from "Revolutionary anarchist collective operating in with a focus on people's self-defense":

"Remembering resistance of Serekaniye: we have been part of defending and working the city hospital since start of invasion. Hospital received over 200 wounded defenders of Serekaniye and civilians until last day, and stood against multiple attacks of jihadist proxy groups.

> how can you be supported from abroad?

"Best support would be creating strong communities, relationships and organizing at the place you are at, and building broad understanding and practice of self-defense. Also there are some ways to support us directly, please write us at "


School things 

I made a list of australian breadtubers, figured I'd put it here 

tests are showing horny levels at 69%

(69%) 鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻♀枴鈻♀枴


I did my best to translate the article about the Dock Worker's Union's statement here:

I'm not super familiar with Chilean Spanish, so some things may be slightly inaccurate. That and all other sloppiness is entirely my fault.

Portland friends, two very good bands are playing together in your city tonight, and I want you to enjoy them! If you like math-ish rock, you have to go see hikes & Black Belt Eagle Scout. Here's a link with more info

Tragedy at the trilobite party 480 mya, right as the conga line got started

More information about hugelkultur, which uses available carbon rich plant matter as the basis for a raised bed.

Building a hugel is one way to practice carbon sequestration on a small scale. The carbon they this tree ate up from the atmosphere will be captured in the soil and used to grow more plants that will then consume more carbon from the atmosphere.

Imagine doing this on a massive scale, burying carbon rich matter in our agricultural fields to regenerate the soil's carbon supply and prevent the release of more C02

Catalonia has created a new kind of online activism. Everyone should pay attention

A pro-independence group is leveraging social media and peer-to-peer technology to orchestrate massive protests. The catch? No one knows who runs it

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