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Interacting with me on this account, notifications 

I tend to keep notifications off for boosts and faves, because they clutter and because I find myself looking to then for validation (which I personally don't want to do). You are more than welcome to fave/boost my toots for whatever reason you want, but I may not see it.

I know, though, that a lot of people, myself included, use the fave button as a kind of "message received" signifier. And boosts can mean many things.

If you're so inclined, here are some ways I'd love for you to interact with me instead of or in addition to boosts and faves:

For "acknowledgment" faves: send me a quick reply of πŸ‘ or a variant.
For boosts that signify agreement or interest: reply and tell me what you think! I'd love to hear your perspective on what I say. Or ask questions, whatever makes you happy.

I want to stress that these are not "rules" and I won't be "enforcing" them. It's all totally optional. I just want to interact more personally πŸ’œ

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Terminology and usage on the fediverse 

I'll pin this toot so it's easy to find.

Whether you're a newcomer or someone who's been around the fediverse for years, there always seems to be new, unfamiliar, esoteric, or just otherwise uncertain terminology circulating in posts. Especially in content warnings, folks like to use abbreviations and emojis.

This toot is an open invitation to ask me (or others in the thread if they're willing) what something you've seen on the fediverse means. Reply, direct message, however you prefer. I don't pretend to know what everything around here means, but I'll do my best to share what I do know and do a little research to learn about the things I don't.

This also applies to any questions of etiquette or anything else you're just not sure about. Ask away!

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In my solarpunk utopia, everyone has Ariana Grande hair

It is okay, friends, I promise, to let this place close. We might even learn something in the process.

It is okay, friends, I promise, to let this place close. We might even learn something in the process.

abolition, teaching, sexual violence discussion 

Currently recalling the time I was teaching an Angela Davis essay on abolition to some freshmen and sophomores in college. One student, because it's impossible to cover the topic without encountering the question, asked, "Well what about rapists and murderers? They just get to be free? I don't wanna walk around campus and wonder if everyone around me is a rapist."

Before I could say anything, one of my other students spoke up and responded, "What do we do with rapists now? If 1/4 women in college has been sexually assaulted, chances are you're taking classes with a few rapists already." She went on to cite a couple of the contemporary examples of this, and the rest of the class had the "Oh shit, never thought about it like that" look on their faces.

It was a good day to be a teacher, getting to watch students interrogate not only the structures around them but their tangible impacts too.

The one big glaring hole in The Dispossessed, imo, is a treatment of race beyond Le Guin's standard approach of "white isn't default, and most of these characters are explicitly not white." On some level, I think this was a less than ideal decision, and on some level it was also Le Guin staying in her lane and not venturing to "solve" racism for the world, which would've meant making it an impossibly 2D analysis.

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Whenever someone asks me a "gotcha" question about anarchism, my first answer is always to read The Dispossessed. I'm not trying to build some kind of dogma or cult of obsession around it, but Le Guin was perceptive, thoughtful, and thorough. There are so few interrogations of anarchism that she doesn't address, and she also maintains a critical eye for abuse within anarchism and its communities.

Not seeking forgiveness for my ancestors but definitely healing on their behalf

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Window Smashing Job Creators - Communism In Space


Listening to How to Survive the End of the World, and Autumn Brown says something that perhaps we ought to keep in mind in our radical organizing. Success isn't the metric, she says, because "the nature of insurrection is creating chaos inside the system to make it disfunctional so that other possibilities emerge."

I can't believe i listen to podcasts now. This is a sign I should quit my job

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The multiamory podcast sucks. Are there any actually good podcasts about nonmonogamy?

πŸ‘Ž Time signatures as prescriptive
πŸ‘ Time signatures as descriptive

A dream that was borderline a shitpost, guns 

In this dream, a law was passed in the US that was meant to follow the spirit of the 4th amendment. As such guns were licensed only for hunting for food and for defense against a tyrannical government.

The end result was you got your gun taken away for firing at anything other than a game animal or a member of the military.

I'm trying to attract the local crows to my house in order to befriend them, but so far only the lesser corvids have shown up. I mean, y'all are cute, Stellar's Jay and California Scrub Jay, but you're not my target audience here. Thank you for showing up, though πŸ’œ

When I took a semester of mandarin, the teacher gave us all Chinese names fairly close to our own. I guess they were sinonyms.

When I took a semester of mandarin, the teacher gave us all Chinese names fairly close to our own. I guess they were sinonyms.

This website is fucking amazing

It's an Ojibwe/English dictionary that is fully searchable in both languages and also explains nuances of words and gives pronunciations.

I'm not friends with nearly enough people who play music, and that's a disturbingly unhuman-feeling realization

Friends on Mastodon, I just want to let you know that India is completely engulfed in communal violence. Upper caste Hindus are tactically attacking minority Muslim homes in Delhi. There have been so many deaths, ever since 2020 began its only been news of violence in our nation. Our government, police forces and courts have failed to protect us. Right wing extremism will finish us all.

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