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In my solarpunk utopia, everyone has Ariana Grande hair

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Protip: form a "business" with your neighbors and order business internet and run Ethernet between your houses, you'll get rich people services at low cost

Grasslands are some of Earth's largest ecosystems, covering just over 40% of the world's land area.

Grasses evolved over 65 million years ago, and are some of the most versatile plants in the world. With meristems at their bases, they can easily grow back after being cropped. They evolved this way because of grazing animals, who trample and kill seedling trees but don't kill grasses. Otherwise, trees would outcompete grasses nearly every time.

Image credit: Dustin V. S. @ Wikimedia Commons

Imagine how much more beautiful the suburbs would be if they let native grasslands grow instead of lawns?

Or just enough trees and no grass and some lovely moss and ferns and other plants at the bass?

Sounds gorgeous.

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Offerings: subs to all mags at a reasonable discount, ability to buy bundles/curated mag selections by theme or genre, ab. to buy individual stories, ab. to gift mags/bundles to other people, a community managed library with issues/stories/bundles that can be “checked out.”

A community online library is super important because it fosters two cultural attitudes simultaneously: Art Has Value no matter the length or format & art should be accessible to everyone (without short-changing artists).

Cooperative associations have been done before (think Associated Press) and cooperative platforms also exist (think Resonate Coop). The spec mags would retain autonomy but would have a common platform to distribute as a community.

Here’s the thought experiment (redux): An association of spec mags on a cooperative platform (like Amazon but co-owned/co-managed by the spec community (editors/curators, readers, authors, artists, & other creatives). Think SFWA, but consumer facing.

THREAD I shared this with my speculative fiction community.

Boosts welcome.

Thoughts SUPER welcome.

With the recent closing of spec mags, a thought keeps returning to me: solidarity economics could (possibly, maybe, potentially in an “easier said than done” way) produce some added stability for mags.

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If you live in a hot climate consider getting a pomegranate plant! They are small trees that are easy to look after and apparently can be grown in pots. My pomegranates have been ripening gradually so you'll have a constant supply of pomegranates instead of all at once like with some fruit. Pomegranates are also pretty expensive to buy in shops so if you love pomegranates it might be worth it :) they are also more drought and heat resistant than a lot of plants!

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Just searched the web and my mind was blown immediately:

"A butt tuba", without spaces and spelled backwards is still "A butt tuba"

yeah i’m really into j-pop *tosses jeans onto a record player* love that sound

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