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Terminology and usage on the fediverse 

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In my solarpunk utopia, everyone has Ariana Grande hair

Having my library card number memorized like a Cool Guy™

📢 Calling all Sunbeams! 📢

If you have a federating account on and you've been here a month or more, this is relevant to you.

We, the co-operative, have just passed a proposal (2019-07-22) to allow our Mastodon users to join the co-op free of charge. Previously, we required a small monthly donation before allowing participation.

This means you may now create an account on if you wish, so as to be able to join in with discussions, have your say in how the co-op operates, and contribute to deciding what we do and what services we provide. You may do all of this without donating any money, if you so choose.

It would be great to see some fresh faces, as more recently we've become stretched a little thin and discussions on Loomio are fairly infrequent. There are also plenty of small tasks that a newcomer could take on if they feel able to support the co-op.

People who envision a high tech anarchist future often point to the endless supplies of green energy,
but what about the minerals for all the wires and batteries to store and move that energy?

Copper, zinc, nickel, lithium?
Without a massive decrease in the technology we use, recycling alone isn't going to work.

So are we all going to volunteer in the mines instead of exploiting labor in the global south?
And what about the non-renewable and environmentally unfriendly nature of those mines?

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Music recs needed (boosts appreciated!) 

Tessa Thompson could just be in all the movies. 🤔

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"Puerto Rico’s Multiple Solidarities: Emergent Landscapes and the Geographies of Protest"

"The #RickyRenuncia movement is based on a common interest, but the multiple intersectional and intersectorial solidarities being articulated in the streets present new possibilities for political agency. These solidarities are not premised on sameness or a perfect unity of interests, but of a common goal to defeat a common enemy."

#PuertoRico #QueSeVayanTodxs

Haven't changed the strings on my soprano ukulele in 10 years. Drag me, but also I'm impressed that one hasn't broken. I play pretty frequently

Me: hm, maybe in August I'll break out the waders and clean my parents' pond. I think Kimmerer had an essay about cleaning her pond, I should read that.

Also me: *cries about motherhood*

Also also me: okay so it took her 12 years to clean her pond by hand. August will work.

"It came to me once again that restoring a habitat, no matter how well intentioned, produces casualties. We set ourselves up as arbiters of what is good when often our standards of goodness are driven by narrow interests, by what we want." - Robin Wall Kimmerer in the essay "A Mother's Work" from Braiding Sweetgrass

Different kinds of leftism 


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