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The sun is my benefactor, keeping me alive and warm and grounded, safe and hale and true.

The moon is my ancestors and my lifeblood, teaching me passion and mischief and freedom, patience and caprice and quiescence.

Together they entrust me with balance and reverence, show me power and temperance.

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In my solarpunk utopia, everyone has Ariana Grande hair

Hey @cocoron, can we get the :ecoanarchism: emoji? ☺️

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Dudleya cymosa. Also known as a "live forever" this is a very pretty succulent which grows in California and the southern parts of Oregon. Some sub-species are considered locally threatened.

Sadly, because they're such strikingly attractive plants, they're also targeted by poachers who abduct them from their native environments. Sadly, replanting them in the wild is difficult work.

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after some consideration i have decided that i will be pursuing a career as an immortal being

Beekeeping isn't the only way to - solitary are just as important. Building a bee hotel can offer shelter for wild bees, and as a bonus they'll pollinate your garden for you style

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it’s too hard to find a D&D time that works with everyone’s jobs, so i have decided to end capitalism

#BREAKING: new phylogenetic research shows that horseshoe crabs aren't a sister group to arachnids - they ARE arachnids.

#science #news 🐘

I want full on anarchist and solarpunk and afrofuturist and utopian society with the full capacity of my heart.

But I am a colonizer on Turtle Island, and I'm not gonna be a part of instituting any fucking system that doesn't start with indigenous sovereignty, self-determination, and reacquisition of *all land* in the hemisphere. I will take part in no program that doesn't seek equal and consensual association with the peoples whose lands they occupy. I will not put my own interests and desires ahead of decolonization and restorative justice for indigenous peoples and those who were brought here by force and coercion. I will rejoice in no colonizer's revolution.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this, reaffirm my dedication, because everything around me is designed to make me forget, to make invisible the struggles of the colonized.

I should state for the record that I do not, of course, condone seeding other peoples' lawns and never would. Because I am very well behaved and this is all purely hypothetical and for the sake of interest.😅

Seriously though, you'll only be indirectly lining the pockets of plant poison manufacturers. Do some guerilla gardening on some unloved land instead. And grow monocots there, so people can't kill them. 🌱

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DID YOU KNOW: the TI-84+ uses the same CPU as the gameboy (not the advance, the original one)

DID YOU KNOW: that CPU, the zilog Z80, was released in 1976

DID YOU KNOW: despite using a CPU that's over 40 years old on a monochrome screen with a resolution well below 144p, the TI-84+ still costs ~US$120

doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive! In honor of the patron saint of beekeepers, here's a plan for a top-bar you can build out of a 55gal barrel and some pallet wood, plus a guide for trapping your own from nature! Happy Valentine's Day 🐝

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