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Terminology and usage on the fediverse 

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In my solarpunk utopia, everyone has Ariana Grande hair

I only contact my landlord on Sundays. I figure it's the least I owe that leech.

Total Recall, but I just use it to download strategy guides for video games

USpol, dems, space force 

lewd food 

This is why indigenous liberation is a unified struggle that is not confined to any set of imaginary borders dictated by settlers. It necessitates a global movement. The violence against indigenous communities is tied inextricably into the modes and apparatuses that have perpetuated climate change through Settler Colonialism and Neoliberal Capitalism.

Magic the Gathering & politics shitpost 

None of the following is true 

"For centuries, Islamic designers and craftsmen have made geometric patterns just by drawing straight lines and circles with a compass and straight edge... Tilemaker lets you build layers of lines and circles, mimicking their actions. As you experiment drawing different intersections of line segments and circles you will discover new patterns, just as they did!"

This (free) app is super fun and it seems it was created to share a bit of Islamic culture/history.


White environmentalists define "wild" without being racist colonizers challenge 2020

Gonna have a child just to name them Authorized Personnel

also hey stop fucking being uncomfortable when you see homeless people, either irl or on your tl idc: you think we can't tell but we can, especially because some of us were there once, looking at these conversations and feeling that same discomfort and thinking that could never be us. you can't help because you are in poverty? that's fine! we wish you all the luck in the world! talk to us instead. the isolation is what kills half the time. you don't have to be spitting out money to help the homeless. giving them hope and the mental strength to go on is just as, if not more important. stop averting your eyes because of "guilt". it's not even guilt. it's that capitalism made you want to hate us, want to shun us and pretend like we're not there. capitalism HATES for you to acknowledge us, because we are proof of its failure. so if you are anti-cap, don't look away.

I'm curious about the sensory subterfuge of both sound and flavor design

Writing; call for stories; solarpunk 

copied from twitter: For anyone in the US military considering going AWOL, becoming a conscientious objector, or withdrawing your consent in some other way--the GI Rights Hotline is run by civilians and offers free, confidential counseling & information. 1-877-447-4487

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