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🎺 the new `abra` stable (v0.4.x series) is finally out 🎺 this is the final alpha series before beta 🤯 you can run `abra upgrade` to get the latest copy of `abra`. There are migration docs for this release, some stuff has changed: "stable" doesn't guarantee a bug free experience 🙃, we're still in alpha, but we think the interface churn is coming to and end now! If you run into any issues, please report 😎 Thanks for your testing efforts! Enjoy 💓

thanks again @Neuromantic (and London Learning Coop) for organising today's event about democracy in technology spaces 💪

reminder about this event TODAY at 1730 UTC (in about 30 minutes) by the, featuring 3 Autonomic members warbling about "themes of democracy and its increasing absence in online, and offline, spaces"

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Pourquoi reprendre le contrôle de sa vie numérique avec des services éthiques ? On vous l'explique ici !

Delighted to announce that we have finally published our federation proposal! 🎉

This is a document which aims to formalise the organisation of the project, focusing on a democratic process.

It's open for comments, feedback, critique & amendments 🤓 We'd love to hear what you think 👂

If you're around & about on the 18th this month @ 19:30 CEST, we're having an 'ol ramble with some fine people at this panel + Q&A session 💗

(Re)Taking Control of Virtual Spaces:

Its the first event in a series of events from the wonderful

The Learning Cooperative presents the first in a new series of events exploring themes of democracy and its increasing absence in online, and offline, spaces.

While the creation of the virtual world started as an emancipatory utopian project, ‘cyberspace’ soon started to fall-under, replicate, and accelerate the same oppressive norms and structures that dominate physical spaces.

Join us for a panel and Q+A discussion exploring the problems of data centralisation, how data infrastructure has been (mis)used, and what we can do to destabilise anti-democratic platforms and practises.

Some managed hosting organisations have accounts on the Fediverse 👏

You can get in touch with them here if you have questions about hosting your own instances:

Cloud68 - @Cloud68 - @mastohost

SpaceBear - @support

Autonomic - @autonomic

Weingartner - @markus

#GrowYourOwn #HomeGrown #SelfHosting #ManagedHosting

This is – we're making a recipe to set up a community server provider, and cooking up our own dog-food by offering Virtual Private Server space.

We'll be starting out on donated hardware, powered by renewable energy, in Ashton-under-Lyme in the UK.

We'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign shortly to make sure costs are covered for the first year – follow us on here, join our Matrix space!bDeUsKuqTQwBjBEAu , or look out for details of our upcoming e-mail list.

(PS thanks to for hosting us on here)

Come and chat with us during the monthly Co-op cloud Kite Flying Hour™ in Very Soon, 14:00 UTC! It's a great moment to complain about bugs, get a better understanding of co-op cloud, get technical support or talk about your favourite food. See you at!

RFC - defining a strategy board/council for

any feedback welcome

We see such a board as a way to elicit, enable and enact substantial contributions to stewardship and strategy from all membership classes.

Our friends at ECF (current public funding body) have published a nice article about Co-op Cloud & @autonomic 🚀

How do you balance eco-consciousness with lots of newer tech becoming more power efficient, but less repairable alongside existing tech that is more repairable, but is less efficient? Is there a good guideline to follow when it just eventually makes sense to upgrade old gear?

#GoToSocial still has a bit of money saved up from liberapay donations to pay someone to make a small website at (currently nothing there). Just something static that explains what the project is and links to the docs and the code repo. At a stretch we could also have something that lets us post blog-style updates there (here's what we've been working on this month etc), but that part isn't a big priority right now. Theming should be consistent with the GtS style. If you're interested, dm me or reply here :)

@sam is the unnamed chat co-op xmpp room down? :battery_empty: cant seem to get into it right now?

I am unable to find a single co-op in the U.S. that provides fiscal hosting to help other co-ops get started. If anyone knows of one (or wants to start one) I'd love to hear from you. I feel like this *has* to be a thing.

Beyond "learning to code": How Tech Learning Collective merges IT training with emancipatory political action - The Tech Learning Collective @ LibrePlanet 2021:

The Tech Learning Collective sounds great! What I want computer education to be like!

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Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.