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Thanks to @aadil we now have a new and shiny blog!

We aim to publish monthly updates to keep folks informed on progress and how to get involved.

There are already two posts:

New blog, funding, beta bikemap and more announcements:

Our monthly progress in June:


Hi all! We're the folks behind Co-op Cloud (, a project which aims to build out a digital configuration commons for tech co-ops and democratic tech collectives. Our approach aims to maximise sharing, co-operation and reuse for setting up and maintaining libre software infrastructure. We have a public matrix room at ``, feel welcome! The project is currently in public alpha and super young ☁️ 🎩 πŸ’»
#introductions #tech #coops #coopcloud #commons

I renamed the essay to "Towards A Cooperative Technology Movement" and moved it to cooperativetechnology.codeberg

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Online talk by @rra and myself tomorrow 30.06, 6PMUK (7PMCEST), hosted by The Photographers Gallery, Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, and Fotomuseum Winterthur.

We'll talk about, and


The traffic caused by these distributed spam attacks is currently causing federation delays for servers which are participating in a targeted room; we are working on a performance fix for Synapse to address this.

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IMPORTANT: We're seeing a large scale attempt to bulk-register bot accounts across the public Matrix network (including captcha bypass) in order to perform spam flood attacks. If you're running a public homeserver please disable open registration, or require email for signups.

Due to ongoing spam attacks on the network we are closing open registrations on our server.

More news (! We'll be giving an introduction at the Shared Digital Infrastructure session at the latest online gathering ( Feel welcome to join!

Boost this if you want to be part of an explicitly anticapitalist technology liberation movement.

We're delighted to hear that CAAT (Campaign Against Arms Trade) has received a Nobel Peace Prize nomination! We're so proud to work with them and see their work honoured like this

As part of applying to the EU Culture of Solidarity Fund ( we've got a work-in-progress draft of a new website for our project!

Feedback very welcome! There will be video shortly featured also. We are working on making the project narrative clearer.

Learn more about the project via


Hi, everyone! We are an international worker-owned co-op.

We provide tech services with a commitment to privacy, transparency and sustainability. We have a strong commitment to libre software. You can read about our values on our website:

We are especially interested in collaborating with co-ops and other collective organisations working for a better world.

We imagine this is particularly interesting for the folks looking at Cloudron, YunoHost and other similar systems for self-hosting management.

Delighted to finally get this out public and looking forward to comments/questions/critique/testing.

🎊 πŸŽ† πŸ’• πŸ–₯️

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Say hello to Co-op Cloud. It’s a system designed for small libre hosting providers based upon docker swarm.

Find out more:

We also have a public matrix room at

Just couldn't resist.

A tweet from our :birdsite: account reading:
your UX sucks. Call us babe."

Wow, logging out of :birdsite: is like trying to quit vim.

Difficult to do if you're not using it every day.

Excellent interview with Common Knowledge ( on the General Intellect Unit ( podcast πŸ‘½

rss feed:

We've not heard a more honest exploration of and

Absolute goldmine of info. If you're looking for a starting point for learning about co-ops. This is it.

We need to build radical infrastructure NOW. This includes tech infrastructure. There isn't any time to waste. Join the solidarity economy :ecosocialism:


An example of their good praxis:

Some co-ops: what's a pronoun?

Good Praxis: we've implemented a custom JSON hack on our Rocketchat so that everyone can add their pronouns to their profile

😻 :trans_heart:

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So happy and honoured to be working together with Good Praxis co-op (

They're brilliant πŸ¦„ πŸŽ‰ ⌨️ πŸ‘½

So excited to be teaming up with other co-ops.

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