The wastes of are a massive untapped source of wealth that I think and especially the movement need to take better advantage of

We'd never need to buy paper if we pulped and recycled junk mail and receipts. We'd never need to buy dirt if we composted all our food waste. We'd never need to buy anything made of plastic or aluminum if we melted and molded them ourselves. We'd need to buy much less wood if we collected all the discarded pallets

(2/2) We can take apart machines and electronics that've been thrown away due to one broken part and turn them into Frankenstein devices that'd fill our every need. We just need the people with the skills, time, and motivation to get the ball rolling and start building community self-sufficiency

Unfortunately there are economies of scale involved in such labour, and it's really hard to reconcile with e.g. wage slavery under crapitalism.

I am relatively privileged, but I lack a dry space in which to store old pallets until I need them; I am only composting food waste because the council takes it away (to keep it out of landfill), because rats are *endemic* here (we lost lots of our tomatoes to them last summer too); I certainly don't have time, space, energy or skill enough to start cutting up plastics to use in a 3D printer, or making my own paper. I can't even keep on top of my laundry pile.


@socalledunitedstates Like, you aren't wrong, but this stuff is hard.

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