i've been watching the fediverse for an hour and the main themes have been:

- hungry
- horny
- art
- hrt
- socialism

which im pretty sure is actually maslows hierarchy of needs

@animist this could apply to any time for the fedi really

You missed the bit about obscurantist fitness blogging


weekend starts, main theme will be
- Beer
- Stout
- Barley wine
- Weizen
- Goose and Geuze

....... thats all folks


@animist agreed (except horny; which is not sth for everyone or every day)


Actualization - Art, Socialism, Passion Projects
Esteem - Lol, there's none of that here
Sociality - Horntposting, Instance-hopping, Shitposting, Briping, Polyculing
Safety - Encryption posts, Anti-Capitalist posts, Advice Posts
Basic Needs - Horntposting, Posts asking for $, Self-care posts

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